D&D (2024) Should sorcerers and warlocks get their spell list from their subclass?

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Sir Brennen

I suspect we'll see something like Bladesinger and three "more serious" takes on school specializations (Evoker, Illusionist, Diviner would be my guess).
I'm hoping we see "specialization" as a core wizard feature, so they're not just "Domains, but for Wizards", where you pick a school to specialize in and get a couple of perks, and then have the subclasses not be about the schools - Bladesinger, Scribes, War Mage, etc. Maybe some subclasses might require access or specialization in a particular school - i.e., Enchantment or Abjuration of Bladesinger, Evokation for War Mage.


Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
If we follow the progressions in the 2014 book and just make three small adjustments, then everything works out... such that Experts and Warriors get their subclasses at Level 3... while Priests and Mages get their subclasses at Level 1.

The Druid and Wizard get their subclass bumped up from Level 2 to 1, and the Paladin is the only one who needs to go from Level 3 to 1. Cleric, Sorcerer, and Warlock we already Level 1 and can stay there. And the Barbarian, Fighter, Monk, Bard, Ranger, and Rogue were all Level 3 and will probably stick with Level 3.

If I had to make a guess... this could very well be a set-up for the return of the potential "Class group" subclass idea-- subclasses that could be taken by any class in a class group. So a subclass that all Warriors could take for example.
So, screw Experts, I guess?


So, screw Experts, I guess?
Not sure what you mean? Or at least why Experts specifically and not Experts and Warriors (as I know from the other thread you think all classes should get their sub at Level 1.)

Is there something about Experts getting theirs at 3 that is worse than Warriors at 3 that I'm missing?


So evidently the new class spell lists are being made by a combination of power source and magic school. With bards being arcane spell list, divination, enchantment, illusion, and transmutation schools. While rangers are primal spell list, and all schools apart from evocation.
I'm willing to bet that this new system (power source + school) is not going to make it into the final product. It's probably a quick-and-dirty way of generating customized class lists for the playtest.

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