D&D (2024) Should sorcerers and warlocks get their spell list from their subclass?

I for one would prefer the base sorcerer to remain arcane, but I do think things like "Add the divine list to your spell options" would be appropriate for sorcerer origins like Divine Soul.

I do, however, want warlocks to change based on patron. I think it makes way more sense than any other class, and it prevents an insane amount of stacking of classes on the arcane list.

Related tangentally: I strongly think we need a 4th spell list for bards and artificers and hope that warlocks spells are patron based. If they did this it would make the distribution much more even with each of the 4 lists having the following:
Arcane: Wizard, Sorcerer
Divine: Cleric, Paladin
Primal: Druid Ranger
Occult/Artistic/whatever you want to call it: Bard, Artificer

All would have two classes with each a full and half caster with the exception of the Arcane, but I'd also make warlocks patron based. Tentatively:
Fiend/Undead/Undying: Arcane
Celestial/Genie: Divine
Fey/Fathomless: Primal
Old Ones/Hex Blade: Occult/whatever name here

Exact spell lists for which patrons could be debated, obviously.

Only thing else that would leave would be other subclasses like eldritch knight or arcane trickster, which could easily just be arcane or possibly vary for each subclass as appropriate.

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