[Skywalker discussion] What would "break" Star Wars for you?


Traitor is one of my favourite Star Wars books.

It was even worth reading the 12 previous books for, and that is high praise indeed!

Traitor was Elaine Cunningham iirc and she has done some of the best D&D novels. Traitor was above average for the NJO

Troy Denning and Aaron Allston are another couple of D&D/Star Wars crossover authors. Aaron was one of the best author's.

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"The Force Awakens"

I'm a guy who slept on the sidewalk to get tickets to "The Phantom Menace" just for the fun of it and not because it was necessary.

But the prequel trilogy as disappointing as it was didn't break Star Wars for me. I remained a fan.

"The Force Awakens" broke Star Wars, and nothing can happen that will put it back together again.

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