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So, Wandavision?

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Well, I have not kept up with this thread but I note in the latest episode the bring up the nexus of realities which I guess is a tie in to the multiverse of madness.

I also think that since they used the x-men quicksilver that maybe they are wanting to merge the x-men movies and the Marvel studio movieverse..


And Agnes really was Agatha Harkness (I'm watching as I type my comments). I still wasn't 100% certain until Wanda wandered down into the basement and it became all mystical... and then she introduced herself as Agatha Harkness, dead giveaway.

Is Agatha Harkness from 'our' time (modern day) could she be from the past hence why the items keep slipping back to the past?
As per comics, she is really really old. But she isn't "from the past", she just lived through it.

Comic version isn't as evil as TV version appears to be (cackling, as Pratchett would put it). More True Neutral.

It is possible that Harkness, although "behind it all" is not actually acting out of evil motives.

Expansion: "Vision" is actually Ultron, resurrected by SWORD. The Hex is a prison for Ultron, since how better to imprison a villain than to make them believe they are a hero?
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Finally watched, and the style with the "interview" parts made me think The Office, which is what they were going along with I guess Modern Family (never watched it), and last week's episode was Malcom in the middle. It seems that the second trip into The Hex has activated Monica's powers or given her them, I wonder if this makes her another "child of the stones" as I call those who have gotten powers from the infinity Stones.

Anyway, I was thinking back to a line that Dr. Strange said in Infinity War:

“What’s your job again?” - Stark

“Protecting your reality, douchebag.” - Strange

One cool thing from the way this episode played out is that Darcy is now effectively a rogue element. With Vision having 'de-whammied' her and then headed off without her, she may well be the only person in the Hex aside from Agatha and possibly Vision himself with a mind of her own.
She is also wearing a super-suit...


Golden Procrastinator
I need to watch it again to confirm, but a lot of the talk online about this scene is that Monica's eyes supposedly went purple after she opened the cellar door and saw how weird it looked inside. So it may be saying she is under Agatha's control now, instead of Wanda's or instead of being free of any control. Maybe it is hinting at a Monica vs Vision fight or something?

Edit: Just watched that again and yes, her eyes turn purple right before Pietro surprises her and are still purple when she looks at him. So that means something important in the mind control area.
I thought that her eyes glowing showed that she was activating her own powers, like when she came through the barrier.


I thought that her eyes glowing showed that she was activating her own powers, like when she came through the barrier.
Sure, when they were doing that intense blue glow, that's her own powers. But when Agatha ensorcelled Wanda at the end it made Wanda's eyes take on that same purple glow, so it seems more likely that purple-glowy signifies "Agatha's in control". But I'm betting Monica's own powers will let her fight off that influence more easily.

I know this is a real stretch, no pun intended, but isn’t Monica’s outfit vaguely reminiscent of the FF suits?
It's based on the character's outfit from the comics:



I think Monica was already manifesting her powers somewhat after her return from the Hex. Her x-ray was washed out, like an over-exposed photograph. I think she was subconsciously emitting x-rays as she was hit with them, thus ruining the x-ray exam. Or it was to show her body was energy, and the machine's x-rays just passed through. Either way, her powers were already starting to show.


I haven't gone back through this thread, or seen mention of this online, but...
I watched Wandavision. Then I started on Agents of Shield for the first time in months. I hated Season 3 and couldn't finish it, so jumped to Season 4. Binged episodes 1-4, and is my wont, let episode 5 run for a few minutes before shutting the tv off.

This is the episode wherein, in flashback in the first two minutes, the "ghost" people are shown finding the Darkhold.
They go into a basement, and pass a birdcage. There's a poster of a carnival advertising Quentin's Carnival on the wall. Another poster, this one of Voltarra, Mistress of Light. She's a blonde, but with a big "electric" afro. And then the Darkhold, hidden in the floor.

It's not an exact match up, obviously, but...holy smokes. That's a LOT of coincidence for one scene. Agatha's basement features a similar birdcage; Wanda creates a carnival (intentionally?); Monica's superhero identity (one of them) is Photon. Her powers are electro-magnetic based, most notably light. And then, big bad evil book.

I don't know what it means. Very likely it's just a fun throwback. But still...just how long have the threads of this show been around??


I wonder whether we'll even have a framing 'show' next episode, or if that's all abandoned with this show's reveal. Then again, I'm no more familiar with 20teens family sitcoms than I was with this week's so it'll probably make little difference to me.

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