D&D 5E Solasta: Crown of the Magister Gets a Dungeon Builder

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I had totally forgotten that this game even existed. I've wishlisted it for now, will likely be taking another look in the future. Looks like it has quite positive reviews so far.

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Both are very worthwhile, IMO, for different reasons. I like what I’m seeing in BG3 for sheer graphical beauty, and the latest update with the Druid class also has large numbers of tweaks to small things that are making it better and better.

it does not beat Solasta for the sheer experience of Tabletop D&D in electronic form, faithfully adhering to the game as closely as the OGL can allow. I do find Solasta’s replacement classes for official content to be lacking though in comparison to the stock classes - I really miss my Battlemaster and vengeance Paladins. 🙂 it feels as though they played it too safe with the substitute classes for power and balance levels, and their mountaineer, shadow rogue, and nature wizards are coming off as too underpowered compared to the original aubclasses.

However, it’s storyline so far has been very engaging and I can’t wait to see more. I have not played through any of the 5th or 6th level content yet, though, and I hear theres even another upcoming update that takes it to 8th level, so maybe they’ve addressed some of my character class concerns.

I have played both EA, and fully intend to enjoy both when they get released. They scratch different itches, and I have several when it comes to D&D. Honestly, the more 5E games the better.

I wish BG3 had the auto-skills of Solasta. At least as a checkbox option.
I wish Solasta had way more voices and faces.


Bought it after reading that it is up to level 6 already, it's pretty good so far (only level 2) the mechanics are pretty much bang on and I think that since they are only able to use the SRD that they've come up with some interesting races and subclasses. I created a typical team, dwarf fighter, human cleric, half-elf rogue, and high-elf wizard. The wizard is a green mage that gives it a little bit of ranger/druid feel to it. Gonna be annoying having to have a focus equipped all the time since it uses the same slot for scrolls but you can use your free interaction each turn to swap them.

I quite like the crafting system, you need to learn the recipe rather than just being able to craft a scroll of any spell you know, and they use specific items to craft but you just set it up and then as time progresses you craft the item.

Game could really do with edge scrolling though, having to move the camera with the keys only I find quite annoying

Yes, and I actually really enjoyed it, although I think that makes me an outlier; it wasn't generally well received.
It's story was enjoyable enough, and the gameplay worked after a fashion. It was just a complete perversion of 5e rules, and for some reason had graphics that didn't work on half of PC video cards.

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