Some Stories Are True

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"Me lost" the young girl replies in no less broken Centrin. Then adds in a strange language: "Parlez-vous Markidian?"

If she doesn't hear any positive answer, she'll ask in Shimadow: "Do you speak Shimadow?"

"I got lost"
she continues: "I left my village Refuge searching for a great adventure. But not only I haven't found any adventure, but also lost the way to home. And even if somehow I would find Refuge or Outpost (which near) it would be shame for me to say, that I made my mentors worried about me for nothing"
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Eric Zephlaer

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Astrid, in an off-hand comment says, "Vid hittum undarlegasta folkid i pessum skogi." She continues in Shimadow, "which is to say, we meet the stragest people in this forest. I am Astrid. I may look like a very tall Shimadow, but I am an Aedaman of the Norikadian tribe. I was raised with my friends here after surviving a shipwreck, but that is a story for another time. What shall we call you?"

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

Wrenn smiles, clearly relieved.
Wrenn says, "Ah, yes, all of us speak Shimadow, some better than others. But we are all conversant. My Centrin is horrible, so being able to converse in my native tongue is very much appreciated. I am Wrenn Morningsong, but you may simply call me Wrenn. Should I just call you Star?"

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
OOC: NOTE: I erased the first picture because I found an AI Art Generator that made a picture that was closer to the way I imagined Wrenn. 🙂 Just FYI 🙂

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Wrenn smiles and nods.
He says, "Thank you, I am honored. I shall endeavor to prove worthy of the privilege; that is to say, I shall endeavor to be worthy of the friendship that you have so generously offered to us. Good friends are hard to come by. And if it's adventure you're after, you've come to the right place. Many of the local tribesmen that we have lately encountered have all tried their hand at killing us. Fortunately, they did not succeed."


Creator of The Untamed Wilds

Oorvid introduced himself, as well, explaining that he was not a really bulky Shimadow, he was an Orngaddrin, a tribe of Mhytres. Star Wolfess, having grown up around Maldrogs, was familiar with the species of Mhytre, though never having seen so many extremely pale peoples. The group explains that most villages along the Windy Coast are composed of very pale tribes. Star explains that most people in the Kingdom of West Cove have gray skin. Further discussion differentiates between the local Amiradthae and the others who are Markidian, the first being gray Faethrins, the second being gray Aedamans.

Quiet introduction complete, more time would be available in the future to further familiarity. In the meantime, it was quickly explained that the accidental discovery of the Chain of Keeps had led to their exploration and the impediments of various Shimadow, and now Amiradtha clans. The rumor was that the Amiradthae were looking for some ancient Yahdram treasure and were trying to prevent others from exploring the Keeps. The collapsed Keeps had been decorated with items to foster superstition and make people afraid to be near them. The functional Keeps had resulted in battles with their occupants.

Having traveled the tunnels underneath the entire region, it had been concluded that this Keep was the farthest to the Southwest. As yet, the party had not been able to explore it due to the severity of previous battles. Oorvid is of the idea that the Amiradthae had already discovered something of the Yahdram and either did not know what to do with it or have a good way to move it. It made some sense but there was no way to confirm it, unless the answer lied within this Keep.

Since Askari and Volki were supposed to be coming through the tunnels, the party quickly moved through the rear gateway of the wall and then the rear entrance to the Keep. None of the enemy remained in this location. The former guards had been defeated and, evidently, not replaced. Once inside, the party immediately turned to their right and very quickly moved down the stairs into the storeroom, where they had been before.

Within a few minutes, quiet sounds of tapping on the trapdoor in the floor provoked Oorvid to open it. Expecting it to be Askari and Volki, he did not hesitate, but he did take precaution concerning his body position, just in case it was not. The storeroom was illuminated by four of the glass globes but the room below was dark. The party could not see down into the hole, but whoever was below could see up. The two former friends did not emerge. An unfamiliar voice quietly stated in Shimadow, “I am a friend. I am coming out.”

A single, adolescent, Rheini male climbed out into the light. He explained that he was from the village that the party had visited some Tendays or so back. He had met Askari and Volki in the tunnels. They had directed him here, as they seemed keen to return to their home.
Astrid: full wellness
Mantle: 24
Stones: 20
Oorvid: full wellness
Tunic: 61 - 6 = 55 - 1 = 54
Wrenn: full wellness
Tunic: 57 - 1 = 56
Ularin Arrows: 22 + 15 = 37
Star Wolfess: full wellness
Maka: full wellness
41 marks: currency

(helps Astrid)
whitish ingot: 2, ??

(helps all characters)
Bat Guano: 6 measures, {heat x2}
Bandy Feet: pair, (Confluence +2)
Jay Feet: pair, (Will +2)
Spider Claws: 3 sets, {toxicity x2}
Spider Fangs: 5 sets, (Cohesion +2)

(helps Maka & Wrenn)
Bandy Feathers: 1, (Strength +2)
Goat Beard: 1, (Will +2)
Heckling Jay Feathers: 1, (Will +2)
Viper Blood: 1 measure, {athleticism x3}
Viper Venom: 1, {toxicity x3}

(helps Star & Oorvid)
Bandy Skull: 2, (Confluence +2)
Teal Skull: 2, (Cohesion +2)
Viper Skull: 2, (Motility +2)
waterfowl skull: 2, ??

(helps all characters)
Coal: 7 bricks, {heat x3}
Slate: 1, {sound x2}
Livestone: 5, (Strength +2)

(helps Maka & Wrenn)
Mend Leaves: 3 measures, {Mend x2}
Rend Leaves: 2 measures, {Siphon x2}
Flowers: 4 measures, {Restore x3}
Tranquility Flowers: 1 measure, {Identity x3}
Bat Colony: 2
Chain of Keeps Tunnel System
name: Temnyy Veter
Rheini Village
GM: New characters may select items from the Collections to personally use. Please send me a message or make an OOC comment about it, and I will update character records and inventory.

OOC: This introduces another new character. State nominal actions and intentions. Provide a random roll.

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