D&D 5E Sorcerer experiment - your thoughts?


Another option is to bar the caster from all spells of that level for the day when failing a spell casting check. Would not affect spells normally of infinite use, such as cantrips. You could also let the spell go off on the failed check.

You could use advantage/disadvantage to control casting more tightly. For example, a sorcerer might make spell casting checks at a disadvantage for the highest level spells (above 1st level) he can cast.
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I like it, but would apply it to all magic users, not just one class ;) D&D magic is too straightforward
I could see this happening if Spellcasting was treated more like a skill for casters. To cast a spell, you perform a spellcasting check (8+ your proficiency bonus + your INT/WIS/CHA modifier + the level of the spell you want to cast.) If you succeed your spellcasting check, then you cast the spell as it is described. However, if you fail your spellcasting check, then the spell has been miscast and you roll on the Miscast table to see what happens. Currently, all spellcasting is done flawlessly (with the exception of the Wild Magic Sorcerer and their Wild Magic Surges). ;)


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