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Special Conversion Thread: Finishing off giants and their kin

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Monster Junkie

I think all that's left is to determine CR for the lesser, make the description more "undeadish", and come up with some origin story for 'em.


Extradimensional Explorer
Oh, crud, they have water breathing! I should really look this stuff up. :p Well, I figured they wouldn't be created by electrocution. ;) Any other ideas?


Monster Junkie

Storm giants are gentle and reclusive. They are usually tolerant of others but can be very dangerous when angry.

They live quiet, reflective lives and spend their time musing about the world, composing and playing music, and tilling their land or gathering food.

Storm giants live in castles built on mountain peaks or underwater. They live off the land in the immediate vicinity of their lairs. If the natural harvest is not enough to sustain them, they create and carefully till large gardens, fields, and vineyards. They do not keep animals for food, preferring to hunt.

I suppose they could arise from starvation brought on by the destruction of their nearby environment. Maybe temperaments are the unliving embodiments of eco-terrorism?

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