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D&D 5E Spells you house rule?


I really need to double check my house rules before I post! 😖

The one change I make to the Tiny Hut spell is that no attacks can penetrate, but you also can't attack from inside the hut. Spells can't go out and any weapons just lose their momentum, kind of like breaking surface tension of water.

There are other ways around the issues with tiny hut in most cases but it should be a shelter, not a impenetrable fortress.

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I play barkskin as the heavy armour version of mage armour, so your base AC becomes 16 (thus stackable with a shield but not Dex) but is not considered armour for the purpose of encumbrance, feats, combat styles etc.

Toying with the idea of removing concentration too


So far the only one is Forcecage with a simple please don't use it. It's no fun when used on non-teleporting PCs. They may as well put down their character sheet and go for a walk if it's mid-battle.

Question for those who changed Leomunds Tiny Hut to simply keeping out the elements:

What advantage does the spell offer over simply using a tent?
Lighter to carry, especially since you'd already be carrying the ritual book. Plus it's a really good tent with near-perfect weatherproofing.

I don't actually do this when I dm, but it wouldn't become a useless spell, just overleveled, probably. As a ritual cast 3rd level is still fine, but it's weak for a 3rd-level spell known as a bard. (Note that it's only on the bard and wizard lists)


These are the ones I have done or are planning to do:

True Strike is a bonus action
Friends doesn’t make the target hostile if they fail the save; if they make the save, they know of the attempt and the spell does not work on them for 24 hours
Barkskin doesn’t require concentration if cast on self
Counter spell can’t be counterspelled by the original caster
Force wall/cage spells have hit points (25/spell level), though they have resistance to non-magic damage (contemplating allowing the caster to give up a bonus action/action to reinforce the structure, restoring 5/15 hit points)
Heat Metal grants a Fort save to negate when cast on something someone is wearing/holding
Call Lightning can be done indoors and subsequent bolts are called down as a Bonus action
Complete rewrite of Enhance Ability

The big change I’m contemplating is Cantrips usage; something like PB bonus + Spellcasting bonus uses of cantrips per day (for ex: A Wizard with PB of +2 and Int bonus of +3 can cast 5 cantrips a day). Likely, warlock cantrips will be PB or Spellcasting modifier (whichever is higher) per short rest.

I’m not even really sure how I’d “fix” it, but I hate the play experience of Guidance. It’s either a constant game of “DM may I” or a shouting match of “Guidance!” After ever check is called for, and I hate it.
Limit it to being cast a number of times per day equal to your Wisdom modifier + proficiency bonus? That or once per person per short rest.

I don't know if it's overpowered, but I find it a negative play experience.

That's all I've had to change so far, but I have my eye on Healing Word, Cure Wounds, and Polymorph for some balance changes. I'll worry about the big guns like Simulacrum and True Polymorph if I ever have a game hit those levels.
We toyed with swapping Healing Word to a standard action, and Cure Wounds to the bonus action. I dislike popup healing, and am likely to increase combat healing pre-0 HP and impose exhaustion for failed death saves next campaign. Though I'll also be reducing how ridiculously punitive exhaustion is. It's just bizarre you can bring someone back from the dead with a third level spell, yet can't make them less tired!


I’m not even really sure how I’d “fix” it, but I hate the play experience of Guidance. It’s either a constant game of “DM may I” or a shouting match of “Guidance!” After ever check is called for, and I hate it.
In my game it’s an hour (concentration) duration that affects 6 people, providing them a +1 bonus to all ability checks.

It’s less powerful than raw guidance but now affects more things. But it’s basically always on until the cleric switches concentration. No muss no fuss, my players never have to ask me about it, we never debate which checks it works on and which ones it won’t, a true fire and forget.

Has completely solved the problem in my game.

yeah it is pretty simple to understand "My good can make you see better with a minor prayer"

Why then though?

Unless it's obvious there is a pass/fail situation at play, the in game PCs have no idea the puppet controlling them (the player) is about to make a 'skill check'.

A Barbarian about to advance to move a heavy thing I can see, or someone involved in a game of chance or skill. Ditto a Rogue about to disarm a located trap, or defusing a bomb type scenario.

Someone looking down a hallway isn't a trigger that warrants a Cleric knowing a 'skill check' is at play.

Generally unless the player states they're using it before I call for the check (and it's clear they have an in game prompt to do so, and to provide assistance to a challenge that the other PC is clearly facing) I dont allow it.

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