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Spoilers & Stuff


Well, that was fun
Staff member
Trying a new thing.

This forum now has two tags.

TRAILER threads should contain no spoilers. Those are for anticipating stuff. Only officially announced/released content and speculation.

(If it turns out that’s just more useful as an anticipation thread I might change the name of that tag)

SPOILERS threads can be filled with spoilers.

I suspect that most movies and shows will end up with two threads. One when the trailers start emerging and one when it comes out. It would be helpful to link to the other thread in the OP if possible (assuming it exists at that point) and when a spoiler thread is created linking to it from the trailer thread (again if possible, assuming the OP is still around to do it!)

We’ll see how it goes! Nothing is set in stone.

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Mod Squad
Staff member
I think that would be fine, but I didn't want to add to anybody's workload!

I'm not going to actively hunt them down, or anything. But if I run into the situation and I have a minute, I could see lending a hand.

But I know folks can be touchy about having their stuff edited, so I wanted to float the question.

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