Spring Ceramic DM™: WINNER POSTED!


Spring Ceramic DM™: WINNER POSTED!

It's time!

The last winner, Sialia, is providing her artwork instead of competing. Worship her. As a result, we'll be needing at least eighteen people (sixteen contestants and two alternates) interested in trying their hand.

Ceramic DM involves crafting the best short story you can from 4-6 judge-selected pictures. It's like wrestling greased pigs on ice while making up haiku, and it's great fun. And self-induced torture. But almost all fun.

A few rules, shamelessly cribbed from our venerable leader Alsih2o:

- Treat the illustrations as if they were the illustrations for your story. Using an illustration as a piece of art inside the story ("He slid the photo across the desk") should be avoided.

- Spelling, grammar and punctuation count.

- With more contestants, length becomes a lot more of an issue for the judges. Please keep first round entries under 5000 words, 2nd and 3rd round entries under 6000 words, and 4th round Final entries under 7000 words.

- Creative use of photos gets considered favorably.

- Once it is posted, no editing.

- The illustrations will be numbered. Please indicate by number where they belong in your story, or link to them with hypertext.

- 72 hours from the post of the illustrations for you to post your story. Times will be using the timestamp on your posts, no credit for turning anything in early, disqualified for 1 minute or more late (c'mon, you have 72 hours!!)

- An adventure is acceptable, as is a story, but applicability to the d20 3e genre (fantasy or otherwise) is the rule.

- Here's a link to the Winter competition, so you can see how things went.

The competition will open late this week. Judges are myself, Arwink and Maldur.

Let the battle begin!

Quicklinks to Photos, Stories and Judgements:

Use these to avoiding wading through all the discussion between stories.

First Round

1 Pictures - Alish2o vs Cool Hand Luke - Judgement

2 Pictures - Macbeth vs Thullgrim - Judgement

3 Pictures - Berandor vs Drose25 - Judgement

4 Pictures - Mythago vs Orchid Blossom - Judgement

5 Pictures - Tzor vs Zhaneel - Judgement

6 Pictures - RangerWickett vs Speaker - Judgement

7 Pictures - WanderingMonster vs BardStephenFox - Judgement

8 Pictures - NiTessine vs Francisca - Judgement

Second Round (Winners of First Round competitions)

1 Pictures - Alish2o vs Macbeth - Judgement

2 Pictures - Mythago vs Drose25 - Judgement

3 Pictures - BardStephenFox vs NiTessine - Judgement

4 Pictures - Zhaneel vs RangerWickett - Judgement

Third Round (Winners of Second Round competition)

1 Pictures - Macbeth vs BardStephenFox - Judgement

2 Pictures - Mythago vs Zhaneel

Final (Waiting for Third Round completion)

Macbeth vs ?

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And finally ... Instant Feedback a thread that has commentary on the stories, where the judges won't see it and possibly become "biased".
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First Post
As a person who graduated from the Snoopy School of Short Story Writing (I've think I've gotten better) I would like to apply for a position in the contest. (Should the picture involve a person in armor with lightning in the background I reserve the right to start my story with the cliche "He was a dark and stormy knight." :lol: )

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