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Star Trek Picard SPOILERS thread


The series is off to a promising start with episode 1. It feels far more like a true continuation of the story of the Star Trek universe than I'd somehow been expecting. Above all, this story feels integrated into the shows and movies in fundamental fashion, with references both large and small that don't feel throwaway or gratuitous.

Whether it's large things like embracing and building upon the continuity established in Star Trek Nemesis and the backstory of the original Abramsverse movie, or references dating back into the TV series (I recognised Bruce Maddox's name, but had to take a trip down Memory Alpha lane to remind myself of the particulars), the story puts down some very strong roots in this first episode.

We finally get to learn who Dahj is - not a Borg as some speculated, but in some fashion Data's daughter, a fully artificial human with a positronic brain. Her apparent death seemed pretty thorough, but even though she does have a sister, I somehow don't entirely believe she's gone. They did a lot to establish the character, and it doesn't feel like they're done with her.

And now the waiting begins. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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It certainly seemed more introspective than I thought it would...certainly more in line with how the Star Trek universe "feels" than Discovery.

I like how the Romulans have "integrated" into Federation society. It seems as if there is a large faction that is doing the things that we are used to seeing from Romulans, but I'm not sure how large that faction is.

The end of the episode certainly was interesting, and I am really curious to see the implications of the Borg Cube they are using as a starbase.


Well, that was fun
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Loved it. Loved the slower pacing, and the way it let scenes breathe.

They're rebuilding a Borg Cube? Did I understand that right?

Patrick Stewart is finally starting to look old. For the last 30 years, his age hasn't visibly changed, but it's caught up with him now.


They were doing something with the damaged cube.

I just read that the Romulan supernova referenced in the episode is the event that let to the branched timeline of the reboot movies. Does that put Picard in the original timeline? Does anyone know if the Vulcan still exists in the series?


A very strong start, that feels to me how Star Trek should.

I suspect that they're 'mining' the cube, rather than rebuilding it. It's the culmination of the best tech from thousands of assimilated species. That's got to be worth something.


Yeah, it seems most likely that they are reverse-engineering the Borg technology. It will be interesting to see to what purpose, and how far they've got.

I'm also interested to find out the legal status of the operation. They have an ostensibly-human doctor on staff, and the facility appears to be guarded by a minefield rather than a cloaking device, so I don't get the impression that it's clandestine. But is there a link between them and the Romulan assailants who attacked Dahj?


It was a good, slow start.

Hum....so grow a synthetic from a single Data cell. And synthetic's are all twins. Just like Data....and Lore. Humm...so what ever did happen to Lore's body? Maybe each twin is one Data, one Lore...humm.

I guess the Romulans have Borg tech because Nero's ''Mining ship" was a super all powerful dreadnaught because it had Borg tech.

Of course Seven of Nine has all the Borg Tech in her database too.....right? And.....say....ARE we in ''Future Janeways time" now? So does the Federation have the awesome tech now?


Yeah, I'm all in. I really liked the premiere, it was well executed. Still eager for Disco S3, but this is hitting my nostaglia in all the right ways.

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There were retcons on Data, which killed the comic book with his history after Nemesis. As for the recapturing on the essence of Data, is full of holes. Every part of him was artificial, nothing was organic. A true android, and as much I would like to entertain the notion on that pseudo science theory. Data wasn't born normally, but was created in steps, B4, Lore and then him.

You cannot recapture his total 'essence' from a single neuron, which is require to hold possible a 'trillion gigabytes' of data, his entire history on his life.

His daughter's body was in storage and of course part of him was within her. It is like passing one's genes via the natural process done by humans.

But to say, oh yeah...we can get it back from a single what?! How the frak, from a imamate piece of tech that needs power to work to carry the instructions to the others pieces of tech to make his body, mind to function.

That is lazy writing, it is like seeking the HOLY GRAIL, a fable tale.

I want to enjoy the show, long overdue for Trek stuff. But don't insult us with lame thinking. We are not stupid.


Finally watched this last night (kept quickly browsing past this thread) and I loved it. I really loved the addition if Data's daughters and am wondering how it is going to develop.

It was epic when they zoomed out on the Borg cube at the end of the episode.

The telling off Picard gave the reporter was brilliant. Granted, the only reason I know about Dunkirk was because I watched the movie.

This was a great start to the series, I like being excited about star trek again and I'm really looking forward to the next episode.


The dream in the beginning seems also very symbolic, both foreshadowing things that are going to happen, and "backshadowing" what happened in the past (and is explained to us later).

Picard is acting angry or surprised that Data's bet would mean betting everything that Picard has - Picard bet everything he had to be able to save the Romulans... And he lost it all.

"I don't want the game to end"
And of course, this wonderful, hard-hitting emotional line... it shows his particular sentimentality about Data - but it also symbolizes that he isn't really finished with Starfleet or at least what it represented - the game - yet. He still wants to go on another adventure, and towards the end of the episode, he acts on it.

His description of Data's "tell" represents his familiarity with android lifeforms, kinda symbolizing how he is so quick to get behind Dajh's true nature. Interesting to note: Data himself was able to pick up some oddities about Juliana Tainer (Soong's wife's Android replacement, for those that forgot) by visual cues like blinking patterns or the way she played her instrument. Whether Picard's ability in the dream is more representing a metaphor for his detective work regarding Dajh's origin, or literally means he can subconsciously or consciously pick up clues of Android-typical behavior is probably anybody's guess.

I am not sure if the 5 Queens are going to symbolize something upcoming - it could stand for the Borg Queen (and thus just the Borg), it could stand for Q, it could stand for 5 important women (In this episode, if we want to look for 5 significant women, we could take Dajh, her sister, Allison Pill's character, his female Romulan housekeeper and the reporter, but that might be a stretch. It could reference the rest of the season, Seven of Nine or Deanna Troi could be part of it...),or a wild combination of thereof - or really just a cute reference to the past. Maybe someone else has an idea?


During the opening shots of the Ent-D, there is a blue disc just to the left of the bridge. Is that a reflection of something because the Ent-D is being viewed thru a window? r is it something else?


Was noodling around youtube this morning and the "Easter Egg" videos are already out and multiplying like tribbles. Wow, folks are HUNGRY for this.


Although, I do have to ask, why does every Trek series take Star Fleet and make it the bad guy? We saw it back in TNG, DS9, and ST:Discovery. For a "utopian vision" of the future, Star Fleet sure likes to go back on its principles.

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