There is now 880 episodes of Star Trek and 13 movies

Its freaking mind boggling.

We have seen the NX Enterprise, Enterprise, Enterprise-A, Enterprise-B, Enterprise-C, Enterprise-D, Enterprise-E, Enterprise-F, Enterprise-G, Enterprise-J on screen.

In setting order of series ENT, DIS, SNW, TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY, LD, PRO, (likely, not not announced yet) STL, DIS, (announced by not aired) SFA.

Announced as upcoming Starfleet Academy Season 1, Strange New Worlds Season 2 & 3, Lower Decks Seasons 4 & 5, Prodigy Season 2, Section 31 Streaming Movie.

Extremely likely is Star Trek Legacy.

Right now there are 880 episodes of Star Trek, well over double the combined episodes of Star Wars series.

By the end of the year thanks to SNW, LD, AND PRO it'll be over 900 episodes of Star Trek.

If it continues to be roughly 50 episodes per year in 2 years after this it'll hit 1000 episodes.


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I think this is the best time to be a Trek fan since DS9 left the air, Trek has never been as diverse in its storytelling and just fun to watch. I might just have to start calling myself a Trekker again.

Blue Orange

Gone to Texas
One Piece has 1,060. Pokemon has 1,238.

Since I know there are a lot of Brits here, Coronation Street has 5,692, and EastEnders has 8,754.


Nothing has really captured me like DS9 since, but yeah ST is on a tear.
Season 3 Picard really hits you in the feels. just ignore the first 2 seasons and tune in for this one.

I think Strange New Worlds is the best new Trek, its both brings back Nostalgia for TOS but with a fresh energy and a cool style all its own.

And of course I have to give a mention to the Orville as the "best nonTrek Trek". What started out as "Trek with fart jokes" turned into some of the best science fiction episodes I have ever seen.

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