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Trailer Star Wars Outlaws: Official Story Trailer

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The Elephant in the Room (she/her)
Every alien speaking English? Nope, im out.
I've played Knights of the Old Republic many times across many playthroughs, and throughout those playthroughs I spoke with many, many Twi'leks.

If I could mod all of the weird alien babble voice clips out of that game, I would in a heartbeat.

I saw the trailer earlier today and I have to say, it leaves me pretty cold - too clean, bright and with a feeling of "seen that a bit too often". Add to that, that I don't have a lot of trust in Ubisoft to actually build a good game.
But I guess, it's also a general Star Wars problem - the last SW film/series that I found exciting was Mandolarion season 2.

This doesn't make me particularly hyped, and fundamentally, this game looks like a big fat example of "wait for reviews", for a few reasons:

1) It's an Ubisoft open-world game. Those range randomly in quality from about 4/10 to about 9/10, with very little predictability from trailers. Often stuff that looks good and has a strong feature list is dire, and vice-versa.

2) It's very generic OT-era Star Wars. I'd honestly be more excited by PT or ST-era, let alone High Republic or Old Republic, at this point. The visual design is largely uninspired/uninspiring, unlike, say, the equally OT-era Andor, which just a tremendous look. The only cool thing is the helmets on the badguys.

3) The animation looks stiff as hell. This isn't a deal-breaker, but it's pretty weird for a trailer. There's also something weird going on the with the character models that's making them look slightly lifeless beyond that - possibly bad post-processing or something. Again a bit weird for a trailer.

4) The main character seems to be a very bland and safe Han Solo cosplayer. Why? Like, having a female lead is a good thing in a game for me, but why is she so bland? Why is she cosplaying Han Solo? Do smugglers wear a uniform? When I heard about this I assumed we'd get some edgy-as-Han lady who really seemed like trouble, not this bland, conventionally-pretty nice girl in cosplay.

To be fair on 4, part of my problem is this is the second big, open-world Star Wars game to have unbearably bland-seeming protagonist - the Star Wars Jedi games (Fallen Order and Survivor) feature Cal Cestis, who is like, what if you took Luke Skywalker and surgically removed all of his personality. This seems like, what if you took Han Solo and surgically removed his personality - and we've already seen that and it already sucked in the Han Solo movie!

I guess there is a common wisdom that you should make player-surrogate characters bland so the player can read their own personality into them. I can think of significant exceptions though (e.g. Witcher).

Maybe the outfit is generic so they can charge people extra for more interesting ones?

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