Star Wars Visions Season 2


Episode 1: Sith -- a visually stunning one that makes for an intriguing counterpoint with the next one.

Episode 2: Screecher's Reach -- not all that impressive as animation, but with an interesting story that doesn't go as you'd expect, and counterpoints the previous nicely.

Episode 3: In The Stars -- middle of the road, it plays out exactly as you'd expect.

Episode 4: I Am Your Mother -- it's amazing how this can be so cynical and so sincere, all at once.

Episode 5: Journey to the Dark Head -- good animation and an okay story, but again, more or less predictable.

Episode 6: The Spy Dancer -- middling until the big twist, but then becomes something utterly horrifying, and yet hopeful.

Episode 7: The Bandits of Golak -- I don't think I'm the right audience for this, and the finale kind of flops.

Episode 8: The Pit -- the animation is kind of lackluster, but the story is all right.

Episode 9: Aau's Song -- just like the Jedi, here, this is not like anything I've ever seen, and it's absolutely fascinating.

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I already created a thread about this. Perhaps we can merge them?



Didn't quite hit either the highs or the lows of season 1, but some interesting stories. If the first series had an informal theme of kyber crystals, this one has an informal theme of caution-impaired younger siblings / children.

@pukunui no one has posted in your thread since April 13th, so not a surprise a new thread was started. I was going to start one before I saw this one and scrolling through the past few days of threads did not find yours.

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