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stonegod's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft: Ch. I [IC]

James Heard

Janis takes her paw and plants it firmly into the face of the downed female, trying to grind the fragile bones into something resembling satisfaction before she discards her magic and returns to her normal form.

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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
There is a satisfying 'crunch' as the nymph's head is crushed. To Tessa, the sound is disgusting in its finality.

Concentrating inwardly, Ashlyn brings forth the power of the Host to close most the groups most serious wounds. But the bruised muscles and done are beyond her help. [1 turn attempt for sacred healing; Con damage not healed] Of more concern are the bites Ladreth, Janis, and herself took in the course of the battle. With no accurate way other than time to detect the possible Lycan taint... it worried her.

A quick search of the shifter-wolf corpse turns up another well made longsword and bow like the ones found previously. A potion bracer is at its wrist, but its empty. The other were-creature in the cave still has two potions at its side; a later search of the other were-creature will turn up the same. They are same as on the shifter patrol earlier---healing and natural weapon augmentation. The fey creature's only garment is the strange blue cloak with magical markings on it. [Treasure post updated in the RG]

As Janis crushes the nymph's skull, she can see the cave lowers to the shore of a smallish pool.


M: blinded, 7/8 AP
L: 41/41; 1 Con damage, 10/11 AP
T: blinded
J: 35/35, 1 Con damage, 10/11 AP
A: 35/43; 2 Con damage, 0/2 smites, 7/7 turns, 0/24 lay on hands, 0/8 AP
b: 36/51


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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
As the warlock leans against the pillar, he starts, and stands suddenly straight.
[sblock=Marot]Leaning against the pillar makes Marot's head spin, and the Voice of the Flame urge something voiceless in a dark tone. Startled, he lurches straight up, but cannot seem to find focus for a moment.[/sblock]


First Post
Ashlyn continues to concentrate, and again healing energies emanate from her, allowing both her wounds, and those of Janis's pet bear to close.

That done she walks over to Tessa and Marot and examines their eyes. "I'm afraid this is beyond my skill. I would say that it looks to be permanent, unless Tessa or the Jorasco healers back in town can do something about it?"
Ashlyn then turns to Ladreth, "Would you watch over them until we are ready to return to town? I'm going to take a look through the rest of the cave ..."
As Ashlyn turns back into the cave, having taken her everburning torch from her mounts saddlebags, the others can her her murmur to herself, "... the heart of the wilds ... guarded by a spirit of the fey ... it must be here ..."

Ashlyn then proceeds to move into the cave and walk down to the pool.

[Use another turn undead -> sacred healing (to bring herself and Janis's bear to full hp)]
[Heal check (to ascertain that Tessa and Marot are blind)]
[Spot +1 | Search +2 (look for the sunsword, especially check the pool)]


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
The blindness is indeed permanent. Only magic can heal it now.

By the side of the pool, Ashlyn finds the remains of a torn up pack. A quick rifling does not turn up any sword or anything else unusual. There is, however, a crumpled, folded piece of paper with a smudged red seal on it.

The waters are perfectly clear, but even from the shore, its stark coldness gives Ashlyn chills. As she shines her torch over the waters, there, at the bottom, she can see a glint off of a metal blade. Could this be the sword she is after? The blade with so high a price?

James Heard

"I'll do it," Janis says grimly. Frowning back toward the green pillar, she takes a moment to examine the pool thoroughly and consider possible pitfalls before she plunges in.

"Make certain every dead thing remains so while I'm at it."

OOC: Doing the knowledge check thing on the pool and cave in general. It would suck to come this far and get something nasty from the water


First Post
Ashlyn places the crumpled piece of paper in her pouch and as something catches her eye she looks into the cold still waters of the pool.

Noticing Janis standing beside her as she contemplates the metallic glint in the water, Ashlyn stares long and hard in the water before speaking almost absentmindedly, "... if that is what I hope it is ..."

Seeing the water is only waist deep, Ashlyn turns to Janis, "Thank you but if it is indeed what I hope it is, then I would like to retrieve it myself"

Ashlyn then removes her belt with its pouches and her cloak which she folds and places on the shore, before carefully wading into the pool and carefully crouching down in the water she carefully reaches out for the metallic object beneath the chill waters.
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Khensu said:
"We cannot leave. To leave is to fail... I've already failed. Marot's failed himself in his mind. To turn back... I could never come back. Never be what I was. Not if I do not face this Brother."
Jarrith nods in understanding. He squints upwards at the sun and lets whatever rays of faint warmth splay over him. He imagines a time back in Thrane when he was put through the initiation tests within the Order of Illumination... the hardships, the shaking of his beliefs, the breaking down and building back up. If he knew then what he knows now... he would have flew through those initiations with no problems whatsoever. Nothing the templars of the Church did was even remotely comparable to the crisis of faith they have all gone through here.

His eyes then drop, and they search out and find the castle up distant in the mountains. Jarrith thinks for a few seconds, and then turns to his Brother. "Do you think this Sergei ir'Zarovich is an ameniable sort? We have quite a number of hours before the dark meeting on the hill... we could go up to the castle and ask the Lord to use the Chapel for a while. We both could use many hours of prayer and introspection, that is for sure."


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Stormwind said:
Noticing Janis standing beside her as she contemplates the metallic glint in the water, Ashlyn stares long and hard in the water before speaking almost absentmindedly, "... if that is what I hope it is ..."
As Ashlyn wades into the water, she is overcome with the chill of it, her limbs numbing. [5hp nonlethal damage] Closer now, the metal is clearly a sword---a bit longer than that of a longsword, and, through the water, reflects a crystalline structure. But when she pulls it out, it resembles nothing more than a well-made weapon of metal. It is missing its hilt, but even with that flaw and its greater length, Ashlyn find that she can swing it easily.[sblock=Ashlyn]As she holds it to the light, she swears that it glows faintly a moment before looking normal once again.[/sblock]
OOC: This weapon is does damage like a bastard sword +1, but can be wielded by anyone with short-sword or bastard sword proficiency.

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