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stonegod's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft: Ch. I [IC]


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Madam Eva's face turns into a cold mask at Jarrith's question about the castle, and her response is quite guarded. "The shadow is the land, and it is the castle. More I cannot say until the time comes for you to ask my final question."

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Bergeron looks at Madam Eva, first taken aback, and then suddenly intrigued.

"Oh, you're telling fortunes. Can you tell mine? Can you tell me what will happen to me in the future? I'd love to make a story about this sword and this amulet!"

Bergeron suddenly looks confused.

"The shadow is the land and the land is the shadow? That doesn't sound good to me."
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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
"Understanding is perilous, plainsman. And individual futures are not for telling. Fortunes, yes. Futures, never. There are no futures in Barovia."


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
The Telling: Zombies

Madam Eva draws the cards once again to her. With a sinister whisper, the cards are reshuffled. Marot is asked once again to cut, which he does with anticipation---or dread. Concentrating, words come unbidden to the seer's lips.

"Death walks the streets of Barovia. Death leads to death, all stemming from a first death."

As these words are spoken, she puts down a card. A card of death.


Quickly again, she covers the card.


Blue scales once again reflect in the lantern light. Looking upon them, Madam Eva strokes her chin with her long nails. "Put an end to the blasphemy of the death that refused to die, and the plague will cease."

Closing her eyes once more, Madam Eva hovers over the deck a moment. "To end the plague of death, you must end its source." With that, she places the crossing card.


The white of the dragon is not warmly reflected like the argent dragon, but a cool reflection that saps light. The color of death.

"You must visit the church in the village, which is desecrated by its presence. There death awaits as does the end to death."

Madam Eva places down the cards, crosses her hands, and looks to Ashlyn and Marot. It is obvious that the telling has drained her---she appears more ragged than before. "You have had your telling. You may have your questions. But you must be done with Madam Eva soon. You will not be her only guests today."


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Isida Kep'Tukari

"We thank you Madame Eva, and we see how this has tired you. You have given us a clear direction to pursue through the mists of the future, though what may happen will be up to our own skills. Please, is there anything we can offer you to compensate for your trial and labor on our behalf?" Maraat asks, diffidence and awe quite clear in his voice.

OOC: Diplomacy check just for safety's sake. Maraat doesn't want to insult her by offering payment if that's not her thing.


First Post
As Madam Eva speaks of the church being the place in which death awaits, it is as if something intangible, heavy and weighty, settles upon Ashlyn's shoulders and a look of iron resolve sets itself apon her features.

So, ... it is at the church then ... I should have guessed that something was amiss there when Thendrick and Mathilda failed to return ... I wonder who was the first death, the source of this plague ...
Suddenly an awful realisation begins to dawn on Ashlyn as she begins to consider the events that have happened with cold logic, and she closes her eyes a moment in horror at the possibilities,
No ... not the village priest ... yet his son died before this began ... and the timing ... it fits ... but surely he has not fallen so far into madness ... no ...
Yet as the realisation dawns, Ashlyn becomes more certain of her conclusion, and more horrified at the implications.

Ashlyn is silent still, as Maarat speaks, focused on horror and death. Then with a shake and a pessimistic look of resolve, her attention returns to the others.

[sblock=OOC]Maybe I'm being a little paranoid here, but I have a sneaking suspicion that neither Urik or Ashlyn are going to like what they find at the church. Ahhh ... the beauty of horror.

It is really paranoia when everyone is out to get you ;)[/sblock]


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Madam Eva makes a dismissing gesture. "Madam Eva cannot be paid. Madam Eva is a slave to her fate, as are we all." Her guards appear beside the party, seemingly knowing that the telling is over. "Madam Eva rests now. Must prepare for her next telling." As the party shuffles out of the tent, the large woman can just be heard adding one final comment

"Come back when you are ready for your you last question."


Having waited impatiently, Janis discovered one other thing about the Vistanti: If this was as talkative as they got, they were very poor conversationalists. Talking with them was akin to pulling teeth. Just as she was getting fed up with it, the others come shuffling out of the tent, strange looks on their faces.

A cracks thunder threatened stormy weather in the future underneath the Barovia mists.

OOC: Feel free to RP any discussion. I'll be off today, so when you folks have a consensus on when you are ready and what to do next, let me know. It is about midday.

After listening to Madame Eva speak, Bergereon seems to be in a trance like state, as if trying to memorize everything she had said. When the thunder boomed, the small halfling leapt into the air, shocked.

"I-I-I-I guess w-w-w-we're in for some rain."

He pulls out his guitar and strums a bit to calm himself.

"We're off to the church then?"


Bergereon said:
"We're off to the church then?"
Jarrith flips through the pages of parchment on which he wrote everything down. He then nods.

"That seems to make the most sense. The infestation won't end until the source of it is destroyed at the church in town. At the very least, we can hopefully take care of that, and thus bring the village back to a semblance of normalcy before deciding what else needs to happen."

He goes back through his notes and reiterates what he mentioned in the tent, so that this time Janis can hear what was revealed. "After that, we'd have to entered the castle on the mountaintop to find the Tome of Strahd in the castle library... which is what our original duty was. We accomplish that... we can then either leave this profane place, or go about the duty of clearing everything up."

He begins ticking off numbers on his fingers. "Use the book to find three unholy fanes here in Barovia than need to be cleansed by finding the three relics connected to them. We won't know what those three objects are until we read the book... but hopefully two of them are the two holy objects we're looking for anyway. Ashlyn's blade of light, which is found in the heart of the forest guarded by a fey creature... and can only be awoken in the tomb of the fallen prince in the castle. And the Symbol of Ravenkind, found on the low hill of the witches, and must be brought to the chapel on the castle grounds."

"But we won't be able to confirm any of this until we find the Tome of Strahd anyway. So for now, I agree that we should head to the village church and try to put an end to this undead blight at the very least."

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