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stonegod's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft: Ch. I [IC]

Isida Kep'Tukari

Kralin Thornberry said:
After listening to Madame Eva speak, Bergereon seems to be in a trance like state, as if trying to memorize everything she had said. When the thunder boomed, the small halfling leapt into the air, shocked.

"I-I-I-I guess w-w-w-we're in for some rain."

He pulls out his guitar and strums a bit to calm himself.

"We're off to the church then?"
"We are more likely to be in for some pain," Maraat mutters, taking a few deep breaths to study himself. Jarrith's bald listing of things to be done is necessary, but it feels almost blasphemous to be so casual about things that will be matters of life, death, and unlife. What Madame Eva had told them was the things of legends, of heroes, and things that were likely to shake the very foundations of this foggy and benighted land.

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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Remounting their horses, the party makes their way out of the camp back onto the forest road. Soon, the mists once again swallow them, returning them to the ever present grey.

It is midday one the remnants of the Thaloist Six and their new companions return to the outskirts of Barovia. With the grace of the Sovereigns, the party makes it back to the barrier without incident.

The town square must of once again seen battle, for both the two expedition guardsmen show fresh wounds. Sir Urik, gore still splattered on his armor, seems less harmed, though his mind is still obviously addled. He hums softly to himself near the well.

As the party returns safe behind the wall, Tobias approaches them. He addresses his comments to Sir Khensu. "Had to put a few of the townfolk down. Luckily for us, it was only a few, and this madman showed up just in time. Olladra smiled upon us today, it seems." In a lower whisper, he adds. "He's a bit... damaged, though. You sure you trust this guy?"


First Post
Oblivious to Tobias's whispered comments about Sir Urik, Ashlyn immediately takes note of the injuries. She looks around to see if any of the townsfolk are injured and then she gestures preemptively towards Tobias, Ladreth, Sir Urik, and any of the townsfolk that are injured, indicating that they should come towards her. Her voice is businesslike,
"Come hence so I may tend to your wounds ... closer"
As the others approach, Ashlyn closes her eyes and takes a deep breath and everyone around her feels soft waves of healing energy invigorating and healing them.

[Expend a turn attempt for sacred healing: Gives everyone within 60' Fast healing 3 for 5 rounds (15 points healing per person)]
[After the healing, Ashlyn will use Heal skill to assess if anyone still needs healing, if so then expend more turn attempts as necessary]


Tobias said:
"Had to put a few of the townfolk down. Luckily for us, it was only a few, and this madman showed up just in time. Olladra smiled upon us today, it seems. He's a bit... damaged, though. You sure you trust this guy?"
Jarrith, having been sitting on the back of Selase's steed with Sir Khensu, hears Tobias' question and then waves gently to him. "He's fine. Some shadow creatures outside of town scrambled his head a bit, but I'm pretty sure he'll snap out of it on his own. However, later on this evening if I have not yet used a prayer of mine to restore one of us who might suffer a similar, but more physical fate, I'll be praying for his restoration myself."

He looks around at the people in the barricaded yard and raises his voice a bit. "Unless of course anyone here has access to restorative magic themselves?"


Jarrith looks up into the sky, trying to pick out the sun from within the dreary cloud cover. "I think it's only a bit past midday. Still time to go out to the church and take care of business there."

Sir Khensu nods and agrees. "Better to rid this land of its problems with undeath now than to let it fester. The Voice would have us act quickly and decisively than to sit back on our heels. A swift strike. Cleansing."

Jarrith nods and agrees himself.


First Post
Ashlyn looks back toward Janis with a surprised look on her face, "Surely not, It is barely midday and I had thought that we would continue on towards the church this afternoon. It simply seems prudent to me to ensure that those who stay here to guard the townsfolk be healed of their wounds and able to hold off the undead until our return."

Ashlyn then turns to Sir Urik "Sir Urik, we were planning to head for the church, but before we go there is something we must discuss"

Ashlyn then walks off to the side with Urik, away from the townsfolk, but still within hearing of her companions, "We spoke to Madam Eva regarding many things, but most of what was said can wait. Regarding this unnatural plague, she was most plain in her speaking that it's source is within the church. I do not know what has happened there, but I do doubt for the wellbeing of those within. We must be both cautious and prudent when we enter."

James Heard

"Then I have nothing to add in aid of these people right now. I have several options that might be in their welfare, but if we're determined to pursue time in the church I will need to retain them in case we're about to be killed." Janis pauses and cocks her head as she addresses the people of the barricades.

"I cannot promise you anything, but if these knights have not led me into death I might be able to see to you all. I'm unable to heal your wounds, but I have other means at my disposal for ferreting out the worms of darkness that fester here...or not. One does not promise sunshine merely because the sun rises." Janis bobs her head and considers.

"Edi will stay here, and I shall instruct one of you on how to provoke him to attack. He's ugly and stubborn, but his breed is a noteworthy addition to House Vadalis' merits and they supplied them to ...well, Vadalis animals have ever been welcomed in my village."


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Tobias and his half-orc friend seem much healed after Ashlyn's efforts, and Tobias mumbles their collective thanks.

After gaining Urik's attention, he nods if a bit sadly to Ashlyn's words. "It will be a foul day indeed if Danovich has fallen to the land's corruption. I only hope it is not so." Hurrn nods as if in agreement.

Tobias and Ladreth once again set up for watching the courtyard, Ladreth take ahold of Edi for now. Otherwise, the well yard is empty except for the party and Urik.

Sir Urik turns his gaze northward. "That is the way to the church. By Those that Overwatch, pray that whatever madness has happened, Danovich is not a part of it." He looks at the group. There is a long pause as he tries to recall what he wished to say. "I will give you the strength of my arm, and what strength of the mind I have remaining. If you have any preparations you must make, do so now."


First Post
Ashlyn takes in a slow breath and then looks up at Urik again "Your help will be most welcome. I am ready to proceed."

She then looks around at her companions to see if they too are ready to depart for the church.

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