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stonegod's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft: Ch. I [IC]


As the raven returns and the sounds of battle are heard, Jarrith decides it's better to be safe than sorry. He immediately pulls out his wand and taps himself with it, making himself more agile than before. (Cast Cat's Grace on self) "What do you think? Should we start to advance up there?"

Sir Khensu pulls his greataxe from his belt and grips it tightly. "We do not know what state our brother Daellin is in. While I do not think rushing up there is necessary until we hear from him, walking towards the fight might be the most prudent action. It will put us closer to the battle if we are suddenly needed. Shall we?"

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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Undead Foray Round 4

With the sudden yapping of the rabid animals, one of the gaunt undead peer once again into the mists. "Hmm? There be fresh meat?" it hisses. It sneers in frustration at not seeing anything, and continues tearing into the zombies. With the help of its mates, another of the hapless dead fall.

The smell of elf flush in their nostrils, the two rabid beasts descend on Daellin. They claw at the ranger unsuccessfully, though one comes uncomfortably close.

Stepping back, Daellin calls upon his woodsman lore. The street here is not well maintained, but the weeds that suddenly sprout would only be home on a road long abandoned. All but the rabid beast nearest the elf are held fast. The gaunt undead turn to face the lone ranger, and spit a curse in their frustration!

The zombie, mindless but not unaware of its plight, struggles against its bonds in vain.


The group remains waiting for a sign from Daellin when Marot, Jarrith, and Bergeron hear the distinct sound of spellcasting from Daellin. While Orwell hisses from his warm perch, having too noticed the familiar sounds, only Marot recognizes it for what it is---a spell to bind enemies.

Undead Foray Round 5


M: 22
G: 20 [E13: lightly wounded, all entangled]
J: 19
B: 18
A: 18
J: 17
U: 14
V: 13
C: 12 [N16: entangled]
D: 11
K: 3
Z: 1 [F12: lightly wounded (entangled), F14: destroyed, G15: destroyed]

Map Key: A: Ashlyn, C: rabid wolf-like rats, D: Daellin, d: Edi, G: gaunt undead, h: Horse, h: Valo, J: Jarrith, J: Janis, K: Khensu, M: Marot, r: raven, U: Sir Urik, Z: Plodding zombies
Conditions: Mist grants concealment to creatures 30' away. Light Green: Entangled, White: unconscious, Transparent: Dead, White Border: Paralyzed.

[Actions for round 5. The rest of the group is still 75 ft behind Daellin.


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First Post
Round 5

Ashlyn is a little surprised at Maarat's comment for she has heard nothing, but seeing her companion move forth, she does too, her mount keeping pace beside her.

[Double Move forward]


"Let us go then! Quickly! Hyah!" Sir Khensu flaps the reins of the steed and he and Jarrith take off like a shot up the street towards Daellin. (Double move or Run action on horse as needed to get to Daellin)

As the horse bounds forward, Jarrith reaches down and pulls both of his rapiers free from his belt. "Ready Brother? Let's do this!"

James Heard

Shrugging at her companion's headstrong behavior, Janis quietly casts her favorite bit of Cyran misdirection spells and splits into several identical versions of herself then tries to find a different direction to approach the battle from, perhaps by taking a side street and then running toward the fight ahead from another street.

OOC: Casts Mirror Image, the rest is pretty much dependent on whether or not she's able to move toward a likely alternate approach.

Taking his guitar, Bergeron starts to strum a quick tune, while watching his companions rush head-long.

"I may not be going to rush in, but I can certainly help out!"

ooc: Inspire Courage


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
drothgery said:
(It's likely that Daellin will want to move and shoot, but I want to see where everyone is before I decide where)
OOC: Folks on foot will be 15 behind him. Folks on horse will catch up with a double move, but have no other actions to take.

James: There are no major streets heading in the same direction, but Janis may find some alleyways to squeeze through. It would take her some time to navigate them (most likely two rounds to arrive near the others).

James Heard

stonegod said:
James: There are no major streets heading in the same direction, but Janis may find some alleyways to squeeze through. It would take her some time to navigate them (most likely two rounds to arrive near the others).
That's fine. No pain, no gain, and she has the Mirror Images to help her if she's in over her head. I hope.

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