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stonegod's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft: Ch. I [IC]

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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
[Group take 10 on Move Silent]
Leaving most of their mounts behind, the Thailost Five and their new companions venturing northward into the mists. The elf ranger scouts ahead a good sixty feet, disappearing into the grey. It is an unnerving sight. The others move through the town slowly, trying to minimize any noises they may make. Even then, the scrap of Ashlyn's armor and Sir Urik's shield occasionally set the group on edge.

[Daellin: Move Silent and Hide]
Ahead of the group, Daellin ghosts doorway to doorway, ever alert for sounds of the mindless dead, given sight is useless in the mist. On his shoulder is Sir Urik' strange bird, to be used signal the group should they need to stay for a moment. Up this close, Daellin can tell from its silvery gleam to its feather that it is not a normal raven; however, as his studies shied away from the natural world, he cannot identify how the bird is different.

Daellin caution pays off, as ahead some 20 to 30 feet he hears an unsettling sound---gnawing and tearing accompanied by an all to familiar moan. Zombies, a few of them, the elf thinks to himself. He is about to send the bird back in order to forestall the others a moment when he hears something unexpected---two scratchy voices from somewhere near the zombies up ahead.

"I ain't eaten fresh in a week or more---I'm famished!"

"What about these here, then?"

"I said fresh, didn't I? These rotting blighters ain't much better than I'd turn up in our barrow."

"I don't know, they're better than a dry bone any night."

"Fine. Enough with the jawing. Let's have at it then."

Suddenly, the elf hears the sounds of fighting up ahead!

[Daellin's actions? Remember, he can send the bird back to stall the others; otherwise, they will continuing moving forward at 10 feet a round.]


First Post
Daellin sends the bird back, whispering to it -- he had no idea what intelligence, if any, lurked behind the raven's eyes -- tell them wait for now.

And then he moves a little closer, ready to fit a pair of arrows to his bow in an instant should either side of this repulsive combat take notice of him.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Undead Foray

Quickly sending the strange bird back, Daellin inches ever so quietly ahead. Soon, the mists reveal a picture of strange horror. Ahead, a dead horse lies stinking in the street, its rotting entrails formerly attracting a small troupe of zombies. Now, those zombies are locked in a struggle with severely gaunt undead that swarm around them, striking at them with sharp claws and gleaming teeth.

The undead foes are oblivious to the crouching elf, giving him the opportunity he needs.


Further behind, the party is surprised when a ghostly form resolves itself into the form of Hurrn. It deftly lands on the raven knight's shoulders. Sir Urik is about to say something when Jarrith and Berergon both notice the faint sound of what is probably fighting up ahead. But Daellin sent the bird back as a "stay" signal. Who is involved in this strange conflict, and is their elven friend safe?

Undead Foray Surprise Round


G: 20
D: 11
Z: 1

Map Key: A: Ashlyn, D: Daellin, d: Edi, G: gaunt undead, h: Horse, h: Valo, J: Jarrith, J: Janis, K: Khensu, M: Marot, r: raven, U: Sir Urik, Z: Plodding zombies
Conditions: Mist grants concealment to creatures 30' away. White: unconscious, Transparent: Dead, White Border: Paralyzed.

Daellin Please indicate your partial action for round 1. The rest of the group is currently 75 ft behind Daellin; please let me know if you stay or how you move forward.


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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Undead Foray Surprise Round--Round 3

Confident in his hiding place, Daellin watches the new undead and the zombies melee. He notices another one of the new undead emerge and assail the hungry dead. While he watches, he tries to identify the new foe, but cannot place his mind on it. [Kn: Religion 5]

The farther of the gaunt undead savages its zombie with claw and bite, significantly wounding it. The other--the one nearest to Daellin---cannot find purchase. The new arrival does mange to bite the wounded zombie, wounding it more. The zombies relatory strikes are less effective, and only one nearest to Deallin lands a blow, this time on the hapless creature that could not hit it previously.

As the combat continues, the zombies suffer heavily, flesh torn and devoured. One falls to the onslaught. The zombies retaliation slams one gaunt foe hard, but it is not enough.

It seems like the zombies would soon fall when Daellin notices a howling and yipping coming from down the street. Out of the mist emerge two rabid looking crosses between a large rat and a sick wolf. Blood mats their fur, and they remind him of the similar creatures they saw yesterday. The animals make quickly for the undead battle, but stop, sniffing the air. One make a disquieting liquid howling noise, then starts bumbling straight toward Daellin!


Seemingly content to wait for their scouts signal, the others wait, their only clues the faint and distant sounds that occasionally come from the mist. Sir Urik fidgets agitatedly, not comfortable with waiting.

[The rest of the party has 3 rounds of actions to cast any preparatory spells if they wish.]

Undead Foray Round 4


G: 20 [E13: lightly wounded]
C: 12
D: 11
Z: 1 [F12: lightly wounded, F14: destroyed, G15: severely wounded]

Map Key: A: Ashlyn, C: rabid wolf-like rats, D: Daellin, d: Edi, G: gaunt undead, h: Horse, h: Valo, J: Jarrith, J: Janis, K: Khensu, M: Marot, r: raven, U: Sir Urik, Z: Plodding zombies
Conditions: Mist grants concealment to creatures 30' away. White: unconscious, Transparent: Dead, White Border: Paralyzed.

[Actions for round 4. The rest of the group is still 75 ft behind Daellin.


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First Post
That tears it. Daellin thought, calling on a few words of power held in woodsmen's lore for centuries -- even he did not know if they had originated with his people -- and called upon the undergrowth to hold the creatures.

(Cast Entangle, centered on H10 -- 40' spread, ref DC 13 partial)


First Post
Ashlyn (Round 4)

Ashlyn waits. As she hears the faint sounds of combat she becomes restless, yet she holds position at the fore and tries to detect the presence of undead in the noise of conflict ahead. Beside her, her mighty black mount shifts uneasily but remains standing beside her.

[Detect undead (I know she is too far away to detect any undead in the combat currently)]

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