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System for GI Joe

Captain Tagon

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Some friends and I are thinking of doing a GI Joe-esque game. However, I can't decide if I'd rather do it using Mutants and Masterminds Second Edition or Spycraft 2.0.

Anyone out there have any ideas which would fit the genre better?

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Personally, I think Spycraft would be a good fit. I haven't done anything with M&M, so it's not like I have anything to compare it with, but Spycraft really does seem like it could handle G.I. Joe really easily.

I'm still mourning the lack of a Company sourcebook for SFA.



I'll second the rules for Spycraft. The feats, equipment and overall character flavour can really do well for a G.I. Joe-style campaign. Though Spycraft is designed with, well, spy campaigns in mind, it does well to recreate the cinematic action you'd see the Joes pull off.

Captain Tagon

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Ranger REG said:
d20 Modern + Blood and Guts

As I just sold my d20 Modern stuff, that isn't really an option. Everyone seems to be leaning towards Spycraft 2.0 though, which means I need to actually finish reading that book now.


I also just finished writing a super-agents book for d20M. :)

But if you dont wish to play d20M, Spycraft is a tight design.


Captain Tagon said:
What book is that?
Well its not out for a bit, just finished the first draft, it will be a small (20 pages or so) PDF for d20M called Blood and Secrets, designed to mesh with my other books (Blood and Guts and Blood and Vigilance mostly).


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Feng Shui

That's what I'm using to run a G.I. Joe game at the upcoming NC Game Day. Of course, I'm going for more of the cheesy cartoon feel. If you want the grim and gritty comic book feel, Spycraft would probably be excellent. :)


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There is also a G.I.*Joe D20 netbook (for d20 Modern, I'm afraid) available at Aleshandre's House (in case it's down: mirror). It has new starting occupations, a whole new lot of advanced classes and stats for nearly all of the villains.


For running any GI Joe d20 (well, level based, so excluding M&M), here's a little shorthand conversion I came up with. (Basing this off the old 80's and early 90's GI Joe line, so for counting re-issues, I didn't use the modern ones)

To determine the character level of any character, go to their file card.

GI Joe:
Level = Enlisted Pay Grade OR Officer Pay Grade +3, +1 to level for each additional re-issue of the character with a later set (Snake Eyes wins big here, for example).

Leaders (Named/Unique Characters): Base of 6th level (or if equivalent rank is given, like Major Bludd, use it instead), +1 for each additional re-issue. +1 if they were the actual leader of all of COBRA at any point (Serpentor or Cobra Commander). If they are explicitly commanders of a specific type of minion (Tomax and Xamot, Night Creeper Leader, they are at least 2 levels above the level of their minions).

Minions (Ordinaries/NPC classes): Rated by how many promotions in type they have, normally.
Even Elite Minions (Elite versions of the Elite): Crimson Guard Immortals, Python Crimson Guard = 10th Level
Elite Minions (anything by definition elite, or promoted from Third Tier): Crimson Guard, Night Creepers = 8th Level
Third Tier Minions (Whatever are promoted up from Second Tier Minions) = Hydro Vipers, Strato Vipers = 6th Level
Second Tier Minion (Anything above the absolute bottom, or promoted from First Tier): Air Vipers, EELS, SAW Vipers, Motor Vipers, Neo-Vipers, Cobra Officers (old school) = 4rd Level
First Tier Minion (Entry level positions, or very low quality minions): Viper's, BAT's, Cobra Trooper's (very old school) = 2nd Level

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