Tales of the Valiant Joins The $1M Crowdfunding Club!


I've been waiting to post this article for nearly a month--but Kobold Press has snuck over the million-dollar line in the final days of its Kickstarter for the 5E-alternative ruleset Tales of the Valiant! And with that, it has joined the Million Dollar TTRPG Kickstarter Club!

Tales of the Valiant was announced earlier this year during the Open Gaming License controversy as an open alternative to 5E independent of Wizards of the Coast. In that goal, it joins the existing Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition and Cubicle 7's upcoming C7d20 System. Originally referred to as 'Black Flag', the project's current name was unveiled in April.

Million-dollar TTRPG Kickstarters have slowed down in recent months. At one point last year, they were arriving almost monthly, but there has only been one in 2023 (Shadowdark RPG) until now, with both Tales of the Valiant and Gloomhaven crossing the line in the same month.
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I went with the FG VTT and pdf bundle for $79…I’ve got way to many physical rpgs and comic books in the house so I can save a little book shelve space :)

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