Technomagicon: Craft Skill (v2) & Ordinary People (v4) [Updated 06Jul08]


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Hmmm, so there are no 'occupation' type skills in 4e yet.

Disappointing, but I'm not increadably supprised. I have seen some excellent 'lite' replacements on here recently, but I need something with a bit more meat.

So, I present what I hope will be the first in a series, a detailed examination of the Craft skill.

The Technomagicon is a series of loosely connected products which experiment with the introduction of ideas and equipment from earlier and later time-periods into a fantasy setting. Other areas that may be covered include Firearms, Energy Weapons, Force Fields, Computers, Communication, Robots, and Vehicles.

Occupational Skills will detail skills ideal for non-heroic characters while offering options for Heroes that do not distract from or significantly enhance their encounter efficiency.

Now updated to Draft 2

Download Draft 2 PDF

Another week, another update, this week for Ordinary People, which goes from the 4 page draft 3 to a new 10 page draft 4. I'll be back to Craft, Artistry and Engineering next week.

Ordinary People Draft 4 See post #45 for table of contents


(See post #12 for a list of skills to be included)

Explanation of Stat Blocks


The 'Common' Tier
Introducing the commoner, a non-heroic character
:1: Health
:2: Experience
:3: Income
:4: Becoming a Hero
:5: Training and Training Packages

:1: Craft Knowledge
:2: Appraise
:3: Mend

:1: Monster Knowledge (Constructs)
:2: Fabricate

Craft Equipment
:1: Toolkits
:2: Aids
:3: Outfit
:3: Craft Materials
:4: Craft Patterns
:5: Magic Toolkits
:6: Wizard Implements (Hammer & Lens)

Creature Templates
:1: Tribal Craftsman
:2: Urban Explorer

Class Templates
:1: Frontier Fighter
:2: Market Rogue
:3: Craft Guild Wizard

Alternative Class Features
:1: Improvised Weapon Talent (Fighter/Rogue)
:2: Structure Awareness (Rogue)
:3: Arcane Implement Mastery (Wizard, Hammer or Lens)

Paragon Paths
:1: Arcane Craftmaster
:2: Guild Craftlord

Craft Feats
14 Feats

Craft Skill Challenges
14 Skill Challenges (2 Added)

Craft Rituals
20 Craft Rituals (2 Added)

Comments please.
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Background, please.
If you plan to develop almost every social/economic/political skill with this develop of depth, you have my $$$ on RPGNow/DriveThru, sir!


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RaynerApe said:
Background, please.

On me, or this project :)

I live in the UK, manage a software development team, a suite of products used in the airline industry and several international customer accounts.

I have been roleplaying for 25 years, DMing for 20 years, and fiddling with roleplaying rules for most of that time.

As Merlin's Workshop I released a comprehensive set of classes for D20 Modern called Classically Modern

As for this project, I can see a hole in 4E for non-combat skills. I don't like holes so it's time for some shoveling!

RaynerApe said:
... you plan to develop almost every social/economic/political skill with this develop of depth

That's the plan, although this is an after work activity for me at present so the timeframe is not going to be rapid.


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Zulithe said:
Very, very impressive, Please continue! I wish I could buy you a beer for this, sir.

Ooooh, virtual guinness! Thanks. :D

I'm looking at Artistry (with cartography) then Engineering, probably then Literacy (decipher script, forgery etc) to finish the 'creative' skills before going all social on you all.

Let's look at profession:


Accountant, Administrator, Archaeologist, Clerk, Copywriter, Desk jockey, Lecturer, Librarian, Linguist, Magazine columnist, Novelist, Professor, Sage, Scholar/Student, Screenwriter, Scribe, Teacher, and Translator.

Skills: Mathematics (covered by int), Knowledge skills, Literacy, Linguistics, Business knowledge

Farmer, Woodsman; Herder, Fisherman, Hunter, Swineherd, Skinner, Shearer, Shepherd, Farmer, Herder, Fisherman, Gardener, Groom, Landscaper.

Skills: Perception, Extend Nature

Artists, Writers, The unlucky, Artist, Cartographer, Cartoonist, Illustrator, Graphic Artist, Jeweller, Photographer, Sculptor, Tattooist, Web designer.

Skills: Artistry

Gymnast, Sportsperson, Athlete, Acrobat, Escapologist, Balance Act.

Skills: Athletics, Acrobatics

Advertiser, Barraler, Chandler, Draper, Fishmonger, Haberdasher, Hay Merchant, Merchant, Oil Merchant, Old Cloths Dealer, Peddler, Spice Merchant, Wood Seller, Wool Merchant.

Skills: Extended Diplomacy, Business knowledge

Assassin, Bandit, Burglar, Cat Burglar, Con artist, Criminal profiler, Criminologist, Cut Throat, Drug Dealer, Espionage agent, Federal agent, Federal police, Fence, Gang member, Highwayman, Investigative reporters Military police, Photojournalist, Pick Pocket, Pimp, Pirate, Private investigator, Police detective, Prostitute, Rebel, Rogue, Scout, Slave, Slaver, State trooper, SWAT team member, Thief, and Uniformed police.

Skills: Stealth, Theivery

Administrator, Aristocrat, Councillor, Diplomat, Insurance agent, Lawyer, Real estate agent, Sales personnel, and Spy, Noble, Ruler.

Skills: Extended Diplomacy

Computer, Programmer, Electrician, Engineer, Geneticist, Mechanic, Technician.

Skills: Engineering

Astronaut, Carter, Diver, Driver, Explorer, Forester, Hunter, Miner, Mountaineer, Navigator, Pilot, Air, Prospector, Sailor, Teamster, Trapper, Nomad, Wanderer, Adventurer, Traveller

Skills: Nature, Transport*

Armourer, Arrow Smith, Bell Founder, Blacksmith, Blade Smith, Book Binder, Bowyer, Brazier, Brick Layer, Builder, Candle-maker, Carpenter, Cartwright, Carver, Ceramic Worker, Clock Maker, Cloner, Cloth Dyer, Cobbler, Cooper, Copper Smith, Crocheter, Cutler, Embroider, Enameler, Field Maker, Fletcher, Foundry Man, Furrier, Gem Cutter, Glass Blower, Glazier, Glover, Gold Smith, Guilder, Harp Crafter, Horner, Jeweller, Joiner, Knitter, Lantern Maker, Leather Worker, Lock Smith, Net Maker, Paper Miller, Petrochem Worker, Plasterer, Plastician, Purse maker, Quilter, Roofer, Rope Maker, Rug Maker, Saddler, Sail Maker, Shipwright, Silver Smith, Smith, Spinner, Stone Mason, Tailor, Tanner, Textile Worker, Tooler, Weapon Smith, Weaver, Wire Drawer.

Skills: Craft

Actor, Animal Act, Charm Act, Clown, Comic, Game Designer, Impressionist, Jester, Knife Thrower, Mine Act, Minstrel, Musician, Newscaster, Poet, Radio or television personality, Singer, Stage Magician, Strongman Act, Story Teller, Swallow Act, and Ventriloquist.

Skills: Perform

Dentist, Doctor, Healer, Herbalist, Nurse, Nutritionist, Paramedic, Pharmacist, Psychiatrist, and Surgeon

Skills: Heal

Air Force, Army, Barbarian, Berserker, Crusader, Guard, Gatekeeper, Knight, Marine, Mercenary, Navy, Goalkeeper, Paladin, Police, Ranger, Soldier, Warrior, Warrior Monk.

Source: Martial

Psychics, seers and prophets, Telepath, Psion.

Source: Psionic and Ki

Animist, Astrologer, Cleric, Defiler, Druid, Exorcist, Hermit, Inquisitor, Medium, Monk, Mystic, Pilgrim, Preacher, Priest, Prophet, Shaman, Spiritualist, Theologist, Witch, and Witch Doctor

Skills: Religion
Source: Divine

Alchemist, Astronomer, Biologist, Chemist, Inventor, Mathematician, Physicist, Planetologist, and Researcher.

Skills: Knowledge skills, Alchemy, Literacy

Baker, Brewer, Butcher, Construction, Cook, Courier, Factory work, Fire-fighter, Inn Keeper, Labourer, Miller, Postal worker, Rescue worker, Service Industry, Tavernier, Taxi driver, and Vintner.

Skills: Diplomacy, Cookery* and Transport*

Alchemist, Conjurer, Enchanter, Illusionist, Mage, Magician, Mentalist, Prophet, Rune master, Seer, Sorcerer, Summoner, Warlock, and Witch.

Source: Arcane, Shadow

To add then
So from that list the only real skill areas missing are:

Transport - Pilot/Drive/Ride

So Profession needs to cover these two areas.

I may also add a 'Business' knowledge skill to cover admin, finance etc occuptions.
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Fascinating addition, though on page 4 I'm looking at the "Era" list and the examples under "Out of Time" and having a little trouble finding matching names. Electrical Age? Star Age? Steam Age?


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Stormhound said:
Fascinating addition, though on page 4 I'm looking at the "Era" list and the examples under "Out of Time" and having a little trouble finding matching names. Electrical Age? Star Age? Steam Age?

Wow, that is one time-travelling table, the examples are from way back before this was even a D20 project :)

The revised table is below, and will be retrofitted into a revised document when suffiecient errata gathers...

Era: 6+ Ahead. DC: +8
For example Fusion Age items in the Stone or Copper Age.

Era: 4-5 Ahead. DC: +6
For example Fusion Age items in the Bronze or Iron Age.

Era: 2-3 Ahead. DC: +4
For example Information Age items in the Gunpowder Age.

Era: 1 Ahead. DC: +2
For example Gunpowder Age items in the Middle Ages.

The technology is equal, use the listed purchase DC.

Old Fashioned
Era: 1 Behind. DC: +2
For example Mechanical Age items in the Information Age.

Era: 2-3 Behind. DC: +4
For example Gunpower or Industrial Age items in the Fusion Age.

Era: 4-5 Behind. DC: +6
For example Bronze or Iron Age items in the Fusion Age.

Era: 6+ Behind. DC: +8
For example Copper or Stone Age items in the Fusion Age


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Folks, the following is a more detailed breakdown of the skills to be added/extended. Any skill not listed here remains unchanged.

I will update this list as I begin to work through the skills.

Alchemy is a new occupational skill, known as Biochemistry in a modern setting. This covers poisons and cures, chemicals, acids, etc.
Rituals: Formula
Forms: poisons, corrosives, explosives, Pharmaceuticals.
Untrained: Knowledge
Trained: Monster Knowledge - Oozes.
Trained: Demolitions
Trained: Formulate

Artistry is a new occupational skill which covers creating imagery and other media.
Rituals: Designs.
Subjects: Cartography, Portraite, Landscapes, etc
Materials: Paint, Ink, Pencil, etc
Medium: Paper, Parchment, Textile, Wood, etc
Untrained: Appraise
Untrained: Sketch
Trained: Monster Knowledge - Shadows.
Trained: Draw

Cook, known as Nutrition in a modern setting, is a new occupational skill which covers agriculture, food preservation and preparation, diet planning and waste management.
Rituals: Recipes.
Forms: Meals, Travel Rations, Alcohol.
Untrained: Knowledge - Detect poison (common), Identify poison (expert)
Untrained: Prepare
Trained: Agriculture
Trained: Preserve

If anyone has a better name for this skill, please let me know

Craft is a new occupational skill that covers the creation of non-engineered objects and structures.
Rituals: Patterns
Forms: Common Forms, Weapons, Armour, Fortifications.
Untrained: Knowledge – Identify the design and use of a structure (common), unsound structures (common), artificial underground construction (expert).
Untrained: Appraise
Untrained: Mend
Trained: Monster Knowledge – Constructs.
Trained: Fabricate

Diplomacy is extended with knowledge options when dealing with organisations and institutions that are not typically represented by Streetwise.

Drive is a new occupational skill that covers the use of transport of all types

Engineering is a new occupational skill that covers the creation of complex objects with moving parts or where the application of force and energy is important, such as crossbows, firearms, and vehicles.
Rituals: Blueprints
Forms: Mechanical, Acoustic, Electrical, Optical, Power Systems, Robots, Computers.
Untrained: Knowledge – Identifying the function of devices (common), operating a device (common), electronic security systems (expert).
Trained: Repair
Trained: Monster Knowledge – Robots, Computers.
Trained: Manufacture

Heal is extended with equipment and resources for other Eras.

Linguistics is a new education skill, covering language, translation.

Literacy is a new education skill, covering writing, forgery, literature.

Extended is extended with options for working with animals.

Numeracy is a new education skill, covering accounting, finance, code breaking, logic and computer programming.

The Streetwise skill is extended to include options beyond knowledge, dealing with commerce and trade.
Untrained: Haggle – Attempt to misdirect about the market price of an object
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Something to consider:

What if Crafting was treated mechanically like Ritual Casting, but with a single key skill (Crafting - Int)? That way, you have a single skill covering a broad range of crafts (which is consistent with 4e), but you can learn different "recipes" or "formulas" to craft different things.


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That is what the PDF above already does. The is a single Craft skill (int) which has a some untrianed uses (knowledge, appraisal and mending), some trained uses (monster knowledge and fabrication of common objects), an a set of Craft rituals that add crafting of weapons, armour, implements, fortifications, etc.

Granted Engineering will be a seperate skill covering a wide range of mechanical (and if the campaign world allows) electrical devices such as firearms, vehicles, musical instruments, optics, etc. The intention is for the Engineering skill to follow the same structure as the Crafting skill.

I decided to make the two seperate for a number of reasons:
:1: It makes it easier to remove Engineering from the game without affecting Craft.
:2: It is possible that an engineer may 'create' a device my assembling parts, and thus have no skill in craft.
:3: I beleive that combining the two results in two big a gain for one skill.
:4: Using the two together is simply a matter of having some fo the engineering rituals be dual skill (Craft and Engineering or Craft then Engineering for example.)

I am still open to discussion if the majority think they should merge. Also consider (as I have) whether Alchemy and Cook should also be part of Craft. Does this make Craft a huge mega-skill with much more functionality than any other skill?


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Just a quick update to let yo all know that I am deep into adding Artistry as the next skill. Here is a quick snippet:

Sketch (Equipment)
Sketch checks are made record visual information that can later be used as evidence or to aid in a future knowledge check.
Check: The DC depends upon the type of subject and size of the object being sketched. Use the most severe applicable complexity from the table below:
[FONT=Courier New]
Subject		Size		Time	DC
Trivial		Tiny or Small	1 min.	10
Simple		Medium		10 min.	15
Reasonable	Large or Huge	1 hr.	20
Complex		Gargantuan	10 hr.	25

A successful sketch grants a +5 equipment bonus to any applicable knowledge check taken at a later time. If your check is 10 or more above the DC then increase this bonus to +10.
Equipment: If you do not have an artist’s toolkit you take a –4 penalty on Artistry (sketch) checks.


Interesting setup, and I like what I see so far. Just one problem: if you're going to have a Lens implement, you need psychic abilities to go with it :p.

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