The "I Didn't Comment in Another Thread" Thread


Bruce Baugh, Writer of Fortune
Your point stands, though: I'm not going to be adopting most of these OneD&D changes, and I'll need a way to stay consistent between my older players and any newcomers to the group.
The traditional way, I believe, is to use “good” for what you use and “bad” for what you don’t, and then fight about it forever rather than discussing something fun like using Steamforged Games’ Animal Adventures: Gullet Cove for Jack London-style grimdark adventures.

And even if it was decimal, it's still ridiculous. How the heck could anyone possibly know that this is "halfway" to 6e? Will there be another revision in a couple years? Is that 5.75e? You don't know.
A Mr. Achilles N.D. Tortoise from Strategic Planning at Hasbro is scheduled to give an interview in January, I think I read here.
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Maybe if we start calling it the Revised 5th Edition (R5E), it'll catch on?
I’m not a fan of any of the names they chose for the project or books but Paizo using the term Remaster and clearly renaming the books has made it easy to discuss rules online and letting people know what your source is without confusion IME. I’d like to see WotC do something similar but I’m afraid at this point their names are too iconic to not continue to use them. Lets be real, could WotC name the core player’s book anything else without fans melting down because they’re changing everything? 🤷‍♂️

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