D&D 5E The March D&D Book Will Be Announced Next Tuesday

As has become standard these days, the upcoming D&D book has appeared -- in an anonymous, secretive guise -- on various bookstores in advance of an announcement. In this case, Amazon, Penguin Random House, and Barnes & Noble, all of whom confirm that the book will be announced next Tuesday on January 12th, and released on March 16th.

The book will cost $49.99. B&N has its dimensions as being 6.5 x 9.5 inches, which is smaller than a standard D&D hardcover (but that information could just be a placeholder). B&N also indicates that the authors are Peter Lee and Rodney Thompson, but they also say that for Tasha's Cauldron and other WotC books, so that also looks like it's just their boilerplate for WotC. There's also an ISBN number: 978-0786967223.

This is almost an exact mirror of this time last year, almost down to the dates (last year it appeared on stores on Jan 6th, was announced as Explorer's Guide to Wildemount on Jan 9th, and released March 17th).

There's been plenty of speculation recently. Last year WotC said that three classic settings were getting active attention, and that the coming years would have a greater emphasis on settings, as well as more anthologies and Magic: The Gathering collaborations. And, of course, WotC has recently been involved in a Dragonlance lawsuit, which was voluntarily dismissed in December with Margaret Weis tweeting that there was exciting news in the weeks to come.

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I think $50 is a bit much for a novel?
I guess. Hardcover books are outrageously expensive though. Maybe I'm used to seeing book prices in CDN$... The last time I bought a hardcover novel nearly 15 years ago & I'm sure I spent $35, so $50 wouldn't surprise me.


I'll mention for those hoping for Planescape; Tony DiTerlizzi, the singular artist behind the original Planescape, was a guest on the most recent episode of Dragon Talk Podcast. They didn't really tease anything so it is probably just a coincidence, although Tony did mention he had spoken with Richard Whitters, Senior Art Director for D&D, sometime last year.

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I came here to say this, Dragon Talk has had hints to future books in the past. My gut says Planescape either in full or pieces with Tony doing art again.

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If they do a Planar book Im pretty with space constraints its going to be pretty similar to the Manual of the Planes from 3E, which isnt enough to do the setting justice IMO. Perfect example when I said that a different format could be releasing multiple smaller planar books over 2-3 years.
I will eat a bug if they do two to three planar books.

5E will get a single big planar book, whether they call it Planescape, the Vistani's Guide to the Planes or Manuel of the Planes' Manual of the Planes.

The place to look for small releases that add up to something more is the DMs Guild.

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Obligatory guesses:

Dark Sun, Planescape or that knights and fairy tales MtG setting.

EDIT: We're also supposed to get a second book that features Vistani, per comments last summer. That could be a Planescape book or something Ravenlofty.
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