D&D 5E The Overwhelming Dominance of D&D is Bad for Everyone...


So, I just read a quote by Ryan Dancey that helps explain why I believe D&D's (and 5e in general) dominance is a bad thing

“We've got a theory that says that D&D is the most popular roleplaying game because it is the game more people know how to play than any other game. [...]If you accept (as I have finally come to do) that the theory is valid, then the logical conclusion is that the larger the number of people who play D&D, the harder it is for competitive games to succeed, and the longer people will stay active gamers, and the more value the network of D&D players will have to Wizards of the Coast.”
If that was their intention, then honestly, I won't mind if the OGL 1.0a gets "de-authorized". I feel bad for the 3PP who created content that WotC benefited from, but the idea that the license would help D&D (effectively and purposefully) become a kind of cancer crowding out other TTRPGs is somewhat repugnant to me.

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