The Savage Seas (5e) [IC]


Beltran looks around as he enters. 'This is not good,' he mutters. 'The one at the back, the blonde woman.' Then, seeing Gaspar and the wounds he has suffered 'Captain Gaspar! Just what it is that has happened here?'
The man responds 'don't ask questions you dont want answers to, Beltran.' Then shoulders past and out the door, followed closely by a large orc.
'That man...' Beltran sighs, walking towards The woman in the back.

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Embarrassed by his now obvious misjudgment of the situation, Zrok leaned quietly against a nearby chair, hoping that listening to the other brawlers' conversation would clear things up. A series of small hiccups betrayed his attempted nonchalance.


'captain copper tree,' Beltran says as he approaches
'Guildmaster Beltran. You just missed the entertainment.'
'I saw the results. I don't think I would have enjoyed the show.'
'To each, their own. To what do I owe this visit?'
'As I am sure you've noticed, the harbor lies still. The city and those it serves cannot continue much longer with no shipments. The guild come to you to ask you, beg you even, to break the block and sail. Show the others that the rumors of danger and monsters have no substance. We have all pledged a boon if you should do this.'
'Even if I wanted to, I have not the crew. My people will not sail until the waters are cleared. Call for a galleon frop the capitol.'
'the capitol? It would take moths to get here and we do not have that kind of time. The need is dire and there was s only one other who we might ask. I don't with to ask Gaspar, but...'
'Gaspar is a liar, thief, and a pitifully bad loser. Especially when it comes to dice.Tell me the task," she says with a sigh.
Sail. We ask that you look near the lighthouse for the Lion, last seen near there ..'
'The Lion is missing? You should have led with that, Beltran. For the Lion and it's Captain I would face the Maw of Hades. but I still need bodies.'


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Umbril sits next to Terry, retrieving the chair he pushed back when he stood up. He listens attentively to the exchange and whispers to Terry "This might be interesting AND profitable. Except we're not sailors. But we are bodies and quite good in a scrap. What do you think? Volunteer for a good pay?"


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"So, say something!" Umbril hisses "I'm not good at negotiating. Sorry for the tone." he adds sheepishly

"Excuse me," Terry says standing up and approaching the guildmaster. "My friend and I heard you are looking for assistance, perhaps in dangerous circumstance. What kind of assistance are you looking for and, if I may be indelicate, what does it pay?"


Beltran looks at Coppertree, who just looks back at him. 'I can't speak for the help that will be needed,' Beltran says. 'I think it'll have to be determined as-needed. But, as my compatriot here,' he motions to Crawdad 'can confirm, we have a pledge of two hundred gold for the trip.'
'Two hundred?' The woman leans forward in her chair. 'It is serious then. That's nearly as much as three loads.' She looks at the lot of you 'You look like you'd be good in a fight. I assume you've never been on a ship in your life. But, there's things even a lubber can do as long as you've got good eyes and a strong back.'
Beltran looks again at those assembled. 'I sincerely wish you the most uneventful and speedy of trips but, yes, it is that serious. And the sooner you can sail, the better.'
'I suppose I should introduce myself then,' the blonde elf says. ' I am captain Sheila Coppertree. Captain or Sheila is fine. My Ship is the Annabelle Lee and is docked in bay seventeen. The tide will be going out at first light. I'll be sailing then. I suggest you get a good nights' sleep and prepare for the hardest work you've done in your life.'
With this, she downs the last of her ale, tosses a half-dozen copper on the table, gets up, nods at all of the assembled (including Beltran), and heads out the door.

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