The Savage Seas (5e) [IC]


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"Well, not nothing at all, Jade Lion was last seen at Skyhorn. And it was implied you would know what route, hiw and why they would be there. So, the search, the job, the adventure begins there..."
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'Hmmm... Good information there. We can check on our way. there's a dock on the seaward side. If she's there, and seaworthy, she'll be docked there.' With that the captain walks back to the ships wheel.
The rest of the day passes mostly easily, with only the occasional need for help with the sails or other tasks. The meals consist mostly of a thick stew, served with a trencher of bread, a piece of dried fruit and a very light ale. It's simple but filling.
The night passes with little notice, the swaying and creaking of the ship is different at first but, ultimately, sleep comes and is restful.
Morning comes early and, going on deck, you immediately see the cliffs that Captain Coppertree was talking about. They are incredibly high, maybe as much as two thousand feet, and nearly perfectly sheer. The layers of dirt, and different types of rock, are clearly visible. The soaring sea birds gliding high over the ship do not even come close to the tops of those cliffs. High up, almost lost in the mists, you can just make out what must be trees but, from the ship, seem no more than a light fuzz on the edge of the cliffs.
Suddenly, as the docks just come into view, the ship lurches and a huge wave, with a surprisingly solid shape, slams into the side of the ship and the man in the cupola shouts 'Creatures on the port side! Arms, all!'
The wave, now identifiable as a Water Elemental, Washes over the side of the ship and attempts to batter Zrok and Terry.

OOC: Initiative, all! Also, a DC 15 Dexterity save or fall prone. Also also, Zrok and Terry need DC15 strength saves or be restrained and take 13 points bludgeoning damage.


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AC: 20; HP: 35/35; HD: 4/4; Passive Per/Inv: 18/9; Spells: 3/4 3/3; Channel: 1/1; Eyes of Night: 5/5

Dex Save: 1D20+4 = [4]+4 = 8
Str Save: 1D20+3 = [20]+3 = 23
Initiative: 1D20+4 = [15]+4 = 19

Terry spits out a mouthful of water as she lays flat on the deck of the ship. She stands back up. "It is not polite to hug without permission and you aren't my type," she yells at the elemental. She casts faerie fire on the elemental. (DC 15 Dex save. If there are any creatures within the same 20' cube as the elemental, she tries to get them in the faerie fire as well.)


The wood elf stands and shakes the water off 'Sometimes the ocean is a harsh mistress.' He strides purposefully over to the side of thee boat brandishing a boat hook. Swiping at the large form of the water elemental, the hook hits, but passes through with little damage.
OOC: [16]+4= 20 to hit, [2]+2=4 damage, halved due to resistance = 2 damage
@Neurotic You are next


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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Umbril squeezes between Zrok and Crawdad, his scimitars coming from above. As he moved, a translucent echo of himself forms on the opposite side of the creature, effectively blocking it from moving away. Scimitar comes down, and the echo mimics the movement attacking from the opposite side, both blades slashing through enemy body.



I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Umbril keeps his blade dance, his shadowy double echoing each move in an uncanny synchronization.

OOC: just getting the thread up :)


Zrok comes in screaming and snarling, slashing with his axe. the axe passes through the body of the elemental with only minimum effort.

OOC: [15]+7= 22 to hit HIT, [6]+5=11 damage halved=5
@jmucchiello it is Terrys' turn

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