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I learned how fascinated I could be, watching for hours n hours, UK MPs individually taking the oath of loyalty in parliament.
A few things annoyed me, but won't mention in a + thread.


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It's a generational thing. When I was a teen in the late 00's and early 10's ('Round the turn of the century I like to say) it was seriously uncool to have exposed socks. No-Shows were the norm, and it was often practice that if your parents purchased you crew socks, you'd fold them down over your heel to mimic the look of no-shows. Zoomers however have taken to dressing like my parents did when I was a kid in the 90's. Long white socks. Light washed, high waisted jeans and.... even jorts 🤮

I've personally always been, and still am a fan of ankle socks. The ones that come up just about an inch or so above the shoe line.
Re: socks

As a kid => young adulthood, I essentially had only black dress socks and white athletic/crew socks with colored stripes about calf height.

When monochrome white crews became more readily available, they became my athletic sock of choice.

Somewhen in the late 1990s, I found ankle height athletic/boot weigh socks in blacks, grays & browns and started buying those. White crews disappeared from my wardrobe.

And then around 2010 or so, I got a lot more concerned about stylistic choices across my entire wardrobe. My socks- dress, dress casual, and crew/boots- became more colorful in general, and more complex patterns & designs appeared. I got rid of the ankle socks; almost everything I own hits between the calf & knee.

And I have soooo many…



Not your screen monkey (he/him) 🇺🇦🇵🇸🏳️‍⚧️


While not surprised that other fandoms are toxic, today I learned what one of the fast up-and-coming toxic fandoms is: Bridgerton.
This isn't really the kind of thing this thread is intended for. Maybe post it in Snarf's thread on similar topics?


Today I learned from the most recent episode of the Our Fake History podcast that in the original games at Olympia, all free men could compete and so a farmer could wrestle and defeat a noble or even king, and that Alexander the Great (after he made Macedonians into Greeks -- I also learned they were considered barbarians before Alexander) refused to compete in the games because "it was beneath him" and "he only competed against kings."



I never realized (until today) that the band Sweet - which I considered a "two-hit wonder" due to "Fox on the Run" and "Ballroom Blitz" - also did "Love is Like Oxygen." I'd heard the song before, but never knew who sang it. And now I know.



I read this the other day and I think I've heard it before but anyhow, the Beatles "Yesterday" is the most covered song ever. It's been covered over 2,200 times. If it's so covered, why have I never heard not even one other version before?

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