Top Gun: Maverick - Official Trailer


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I've moved Zardnaar's movie stats topic to its own thread so this one can talk about Top Gun.


Ah, the perks of being a moderator. This site suffers greatly from threadcrapping (topic-drifting, derailing, making it personal, etc) not being moderated. Lots of other threads succumb to this behavior since it's a risk-free way to bury topics you don't like.

(And yes, I'm aware of the irony. Please feel free to move this post to Meta if you're ready to have this, imo overdue, discussion. Regards, Z)


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There is a reason why Maverick is not a two star admiral... he loves flying his jet too much.

Any promotion would take he away from flying on a regular bases.


Really looking forward to this. Was one of my favourite movies as a kid. I hope they do not blow the plot.


There is a reason why Maverick is not a two star admiral... he loves flying his jet too much.
The Navy has an up or out philosophy. If you don't make rank after a certain period of time you're forced out. But I'm not looking at Top Gun for realism so I'm cool with Maverick still being a Captain after 30 years.


I think most of the misapprehensions about the trailer have been put to rest by other posters (They are flying F-18s in the trailer, except for the last shot. I'm not sure if they are the older Hornet or newer Super Hornet, but that is the current Navy fighter, as the F-35C carrier variant has not been put in active service yet).

It is a bit unrealistic for Maveric to still be a Captian after 30+ years, as the Navy (along with the other US armed forces) does have an up or out philosophy with its officer corps, but there is some wiggle room, as the post above does provide a few (far-fetched) scenarios.

I'm kind of looking forward to it, as the original does provide much nostalgia for the younger years and days gone by, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that.