Top Gun: Maverick - Official Trailer


Original was kind of a product of it's time and doubled as an ad for Air Force recruiting.
IDK what way it will go.

Not a bad trailer though. Thought the F-14s had been retired.
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2006 here in the real world.
Still could be good if it's worked into the story. They break some out of storage, fly some old Iranian ones, or other US allies/former allies.

F22s and F35s wouldn't feel right.

Potential underdog angle if they're up against new Sukhois or other American planes.


Well, that was fun
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I can't remember anything about the frist movie. Not even sure if I saw it in its entirety, it must be decades ago and I was still a child or teenager at best.
Well then, I have some great news for you! The 1980s have loads of really awesome movies. You have years of pleasure ahead of you!


I'd guess, based on one line in that trailer, we'll be seeing a "man's usefulness vs. machine" in this one.


Thought the F-14s had been retired.
I'm pretty sure they're flying F/A-18s. The F-14 has vertical rudders rather than the F/A-18s slightly angled ones, and its engines are spaced wider apart.

So, a more modern aircraft (for a movie reference, they're the ones the Americans were flying in Independence Day) and one that is still in service, but not exactly cutting edge (they were introduced into service two years before the original Top Gun was released). Still, I believe they're still in current use by the US Navy - the more modern F-22 is mostly an Air Force aircraft.

EDIT: The one in the trailer's closing shot is an F-14.
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F-18s make sense.

A lot of airframes in use by the USA and Russia are based on decade old designs. They hit a plateau years ago similar to passenger jets.

It's what they put on them. The older planes are a lot cheaper to build.

F-15E has never been shot down apparently. Most of the new Russian jets are updates of Soviet planes.


Most 80s movies are a guilty pleasure now.

It's my birthday today, was kinda planning on taking my niece to the Lion King but travel plans didn't happen