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D&D 5E Undead Apocalypse!


OOC: Since Guardian Spirits has a 15 foot radius, and stretches from one end of your ship to the other, the Turn Undead easily reaches the Combatant on both ships, as well as many of the skeletons on ship 1.

Revenants: Immune!

Ship 1
One arm. [roll0]

Ship 2:

On Ship 1, the One Armed Wight and one of his compatriots manage to look away before the light shines from Galahad's assault, but the third Wight is not so lucky. The light cuts through its undead senses, bringing back the feeling of fear to it's rotted brain! It bolts, dashing to the furthest part of the ship it can without going into the water. not only this, but almost a third of the skeleton crew of ship 1 are caught in the blast, crumbling to dust!

On ship 2, two of the Wights are effected, only one managing to push past the fear.

The Revenants just smile at the Cleric, waiting for their chance to cut him down!
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OOC: Recap. Here is what is going on:

Ship 1 - Touching your ship.

*Captain - Flying behind and quickly catching up.
*Revenant 1 - Barely Injured
Revenant 2 - Uninjured
*Wight 1 - Nearly Dead
*Wight 2 - Badly Injured - Turned
*Wight 3 - Badly Injured
Skeleton Crew - Down to half crew

Ship 2 - 5 feet away from your ship

Captain - Uninjured
*Revenant 3 - Uninjured
*Revenant 4 - Uninjured
*Wight 4 - Turned
*Wight 5 - Turned
*Wight 6 - Uninjured
Skeleton Crew - Uninjured

Asterisks mean they have gone this round. Most of them used their action to pull the ship in close.

At this point, let's just switch to Block Initiative. It's easier on me. Fulgrim, Bunny, a Revenant and the second captain haven't gone yet. So Fulgrim and Bunny go, then the baddies, then we'll start the next round with all of you going first.


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OOC: Can I (and maybe each of us) make an Arcana check to know if this ability to counterspell is some kind of spellcasting (in that case we should be able to counterspell the counterspell) or is natural for this creature (not a spell so no counterspell of the counterspell)


OOC: I do not believe there's a difference between spellcasting and innate abilities. You can make the check, though.

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Fulgrim raises his shield and steps up to support Doogie. His flail swings in a wide angle and streaks towards the Revenant. As the blow connects a burst of radiant light flashes. Fulgrim uses the momentum from the first swing to strike a second attack at the same creature.

[sblock=Action]Move to engage Revenant with Doogie. Attacking twice with my mace. One hits not sure about the other. On the hit I will expand a 1st level spell slot to Divine Smite

Two Flail strikes at Revenant: 2#1d20+7 13 25
Mace hit with Divine Smite: 1d8+6 14 2d8 6
Second Attack Damage: 1d8+6 13
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(OOC - My apologies for delaying a little, but I'm trying to consider my options. Wizards have very few ways to avoid counterspells, unfortunately, so I need a little more info: Specifically, how far away are the revenants from Bunny, is there anywhere on the ship Bunny can go where she can break line of sight between herself and them, and which one countered her fireball?)

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