Under strange stars


OOC:In that case Al-Khazar uses his move action to draw lightning's Breath.

IC: The beastman get an idea of the pain to come as he sees the electricity dancing along the blade.

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OoC:My next action will be to target a Fireball on the masked mage and the spiked-chain wielding man.


Jagra rubs his chin laughing quietly. Then, to the straining sailor'Watch this next one,lad. Sorcery of a grand scale and such pretty colors...'


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Knowing, that she is surrounded and can't stay on the sinking ship for much longer, Amira goes for another spell, trying to evade the beastmen threatening her.

(OOC: Amira will try casting Fly defensively. If she succeeds, she'll take a 5 foot adjustment, one square NW on the map.)


(OOC: Ok, maiting for actions from Ormaz and Razeem to make a meaningful post. Amira beat the concentration DC by 8, so she´s now floating.)


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Ormazd the Inscrutable, undoing polymorphs since '03..

Floating gently in the water, Ormazd ponders his next move. He notes a familiar looking rabbit on the ship above him, and with a slight sigh, attempts to break the hold of the magic on his companion.

([Move action]: Remain in place with a Swim check, taking 10; final result 18 as have a +8 to Swim due to possessing a swim speed. [Standard action]: Cast Dispel Magic on Shin'nairo.)

(OOC: If Ormazd cannot see the rabbit, amend my action to casting Evard's Black Tentacles centered on the enemy mage and positioned to catch the spiked chain fighter as well.)
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The bay is not a pleasant swimming pool, as Ormaz discovers. Here´s where all the garbage and waste from all the ships and a good part of the city end, and the sorcerer is happy to surface again. Now he has a good view of the enemy, both beastmen and the strange pair in the next ship, but he´s not looking for them... aha, there´s it. Hope Al-Khazad can hold his own... ouch, he doesn´t...

The beastmen do their best to surround Amira and Al-Khazad. With Lightning breath still half-drawn, the captain parries a vicious blow aimed to his legs and sparks fly. A dagger finally finds Amira, but it´s only her rich clothes what suffer. Almost. The enemies above prepare to fall on them when something happens with the rabbit.

It starts bulging. Head and body stretch, ears shrivel, legs burst open. From a torn skin Shin´nairo emerges, confused but definitely wanting to kill something. But even before she has a chance to draw her curved knives, the beastmen are upon her. She kicks a crate to the first´s one face, dodges the attacks from the second, then rolls under him. Turning, the beastman only manages to scratch her armor with an innefective blow. In the air, Razeem dance around the last beastman, claws slashing from the mist.

Same in the boat. Al-Khazad parries an axe at his back and kicks the other beastman, almost through the hole. But the first catches his belt and thrusts with all his strenght: the point of the dagger breaks one of the hidden mail´s links and sinks an inch. The beastman steps back astonished, since that should have killed the captain, who slices back, leaving a trail of lightning in the air but no blood. The thug jumps at one side, leaving him enough space to float to the other and continue pressing, then...

A huge ball of flame flowers in the ship he´s facing. Al-Khazad is distracted for only a second and the beastman uses the time lunges forward and slashes, opening another wound.

* * *

“Ha!” thinks Jagra when the fireball swallows the pair. The flame floats still for a second, before ascending in a whirl of overheated air. Leaving a flaming ship, and two figures. Amira, Ormaz and Jagra see how the armored figure actually suffered very little damage, having jumped inside the boat. The other one make your mouth fall open.

The acid has eaten half of his face, leaving the charred bone exposed. His right hand is a lump of coal, and everything on him is smoldering. He´s about to fall...

Then there´s a flash of light. Quickly as a blink, quickly enough to think you´ve dreamed it new skin and a short beard grow a new face, a new hand sprout from the stump.

He get back solidly to his feet “You´ve been naughty.” Says laughing while flames rise around him. “As you see, yours is a futile effort, don´t you? No? Ah, I sense in you a touch of idiocy, then...” He speaks to the man at his side, who gets a potion and drinks it, before casting a spell.

[OOC: Ormaz swims under the ship´s prow and sees Shin´nairo through the holes, then succesfully casts Dispel Magic; she recovers her natural form and is ready to kick butts and take names.

Amira has no problem casting fly while threatened and raises 5 feet. Since your movement doesn´t get you high enough to actually get out of the hold, you can´t move NW yet.

Amira only:
Now you can see the man with the spiked chain for the first time; for one moments you don´t know what´s wrong with him, but finally you get it; he must come from one of the far lands tainted with evil: in game terms, a fiendish human.

Jagra casts Fireball, dealing 15 hit points to spellcaster et al and sets the ship on fire; the chain wielder saved and actually seems to have suffered very little damage. About the healing, no one never saw something similar: it looks like a contingent heal spell, and it happened twice, healing the acid arrow and fireball damage.

Razeem heals 2 hit points and attacks his beastman, hitting once and dealing 4 points of damage. See OOC post

The beastmen make their moves. #1 (now barely visible) and 3 adjust to flank Al-Khazad and Shin´nairo, then attack. #4 and 2 attack Amira and Razeem. Note that they are using two weapon fighting.
-Razeem is hit once despite the blur effect, but the damage reduction saves it.
-Amira is hit twice, for very low damage (7)
-Shin´nairo manages to avoid being hurt at all.
-Al-Khazad is hit twice, with the off-hand attacks (daggers) but the thugs manage to roll maximum damage in almost all the dice. He´s 32 points down.

The man with the chain gets a potion from the spellcater´s robes and drinks it. Then the mage casts Touch of Idiocy. Moments after, a quasit (Amira recognizes it) appears gliding just over Ormaz and touches him, causing a -3 penalty to all mental scores. See also the OOC thread


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OoC:Remember, the Acid Arrow is continuing to do damage, however, <which should affect Concentration as well...>

Jagra spits into the Bay 'A Curse upon you, Sorcerer! The Flames of the Efreet shall deal your Doom!'

<Casting Scorching ray from Wand at the Mage>
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Shin'nairo - Champion of the Sun-Tribe

"You ugly sons of abominations!" the elven woman screams, and attack the nearest beastman.
In her head, she can still see the creatures as the bunny saw them. They seem to tower over her, but she do not care. With all of her might, she drives her blade towards the nearest opponent.
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