Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana Takes On Theurgy & War Magic

In the latest Unearthed Arcana from WotC's Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford, the wizard gets another look. This week's short two-page PDF includes two Arcane Traditions - Theurgy (wizards with divine patrons) and War Magic (wizards who use evocation and abjuration in combat). "After releasing the 28-page mystic last week, we have a short Unearthed Arcana installment this week: two Arcane Tradition options for the wizard. The Theurgy tradition has appeared in Unearthed Arcana before, but this time we’d like to gather playtest feedback on it. War Magic is an option we’re exploring after reading your feedback on Lore Mastery and seeing interest in a war mage option."

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I am slightly disappointed in the war mage. The first thing I thought of when I read it was a Wizard for mass combat, and this guy will not do well in that. I would have liked some range increase, possibly some siege style ability like "Your evocation spells bypass the Damage Thresh hold of buildings".

On the Theurge, meh. Not personally a fan of divine stuff.


The Theurge appears identical to the previously shared version. Same problem...out classing the cleric by getting the level 17 feature at level 14.


Considering how many Wizard subclasses are available it it seems the design team is making the same mistake they do in just about every edition past, which is too give an already full wizard more spells and more add ons such as subclasses or PrC's whilst classes that need attention or have had no or little extra support languish on the sidelines. It seem the old Wizard that lives by the sea has a bit of bias that he cannot seem to throw. We get it WotC you love wizards and have a distaste for martial, but you are not making this game for yourselves. I feel better now that I have got that out of my system.


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Man, I really don't like how theurge get exactly the cleric features. Make something different, as favored soul, or just forget theurge.


Yeah I don't like how the thuege was done, it's just a straight up rip off of the cleric, only that one channel divinity was original. I don't think they changed it from the last one because it sounds like they made the mistake of not doing a survey that time, so they aren't likely to make changes until after the survey.

Some suggestions, given that Wizards already have access to the Find Familiar spell, why not make more of the features use your familiar as a kind of intermediary with the Wizard's deity some how?

A couple of the Warmage's features could use some umph, but otherwise I like it, it's the first UA Wizard subclass that I did.


I love the theurge concept, not sure how this version is different but I would happily include either of them. Gaining the clerics 17th level ability at level 14 doesn't bother me in the least.

The war mage is an interesting concept, looks like it needs something else to make it really interesting though. I'd allow it in my games but probably would take it for any of my wizards.

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