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5E Unofficial 5e products. Which are the good ones?


So as many know there are unofficial 5e products on the market. Some OGL, some not. So for those of you who have purchased any of these products lets hear your reviews? Are they any good? What grade would you give them?

I myself have purchased "The Fiddlers Lament" and the "The Murmuring Fountain". I haven't read them yet but I can provide a review once I've done that.

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First Post
Out of the handful of products I've picked up, I'm most fond of Glitterdoom (bonus points for using all original monsters, plus the included dwaven subrace is both a nice echo of Tolkien and a nod to a stray bit of 2E crunch), Wanted (it's a collection of short low level adventures, great for a pickup game or fleshing out the Starter Set adventure), and the two new PC races by Silver Gryphon Games. (Kitsune and Shark-bloods. They're pretty much exactly what they say on the tin.)

I was also a backer for necromancer Games' Fifth Edition Foes, but I'll have to wait to see how good that is.


Eternal Optimist
I've reviewed most of the adventures on my blog. (see link in my sig). Haven't got to the Alea Publishing ones yet.