D&D 5E Vecna Adventure Next Year and Obilesks *SPOILERS*


Boy, this adventure, if it really does half of what you all are speculating, is going to thrill one half of the fanbase and utterly alienate and baffle the other half.
I mean, hopefully it is that interesting. WotC does at least seem to be setting it up to set the stage for how theybdo Adventures moving forwards, and perhaps be a bot of an anniversary tour.

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"Diegetics", by L. Ron Gygax
That is very likely possibility. Most polarizing product since the Spellplague.
Is it really polarizing, in the sense that does the Spellplague actually have any passionate defenders?

I mean, I’m a 4e fan and only casually familiar with the Realms, and even I thought the Spellplague was kinda hamfisted.

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