D&D 5E Next years 50th Anniversary Adventure Speculation

Okay it seems likely they are going for something big next year with plane & world hopping, Vecna, Venger, Red Wizards, Szass Tam, the League of Malavence, possibly Obilesks and more.

1. My predictions are it will include places like Theros, Ravnica, & Strixhaven cementing them as seperate from their MtG versions.

2. The Realm (Cartoon), FR, Greyhawk, Sigil, Darksun, Ravenloft, Eberron, and Wildemount also get visits.

3. Any setting that gets visited in this product, but isn't already dmsguild legal will be made so.

4. Vecna will not be the the only God invovled.

5. Vecna will consume Velshroon.

6. The Red Wizards may end up the lesser evil.

7. Dungeon Master will either be a former Red Wizard that has been reformed, or a secret avatar of a Mulan God.

Not sure if this adventure will be 5e or RD&D.

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I can see them doing something like they did with an article of all the worlds the have. Likely not something published, but on DDB for subscribers. It could have updated classes for 5e or 1DD and some specific lore from unused worlds.

I could see a campaign for Spelljammer or more likely for Planescape.

I could see a campaign for Spelljammer or more likely for Planescape.

I don't think they'll do that. WotC has really stuck hard to a policy of adventures being self-contained and not requiring sourcebooks. And Spelljammer was reportedly a disappointment sales-wise which was part of the reason Winniger left, so I don't think they'll be revisiting it in an adventure any time soon.

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
The ruleset will 100% be the 2024 ruleset.

And given how they're talking about getting to know the Red Wizards in a way we haven't before, I'm assuming they will be, at least for part of the adventure, allies with the player characters, so their society can be seen from the inside. (Obviously, there was pre-5E material that let one play as a Red Wizard, but WotC generally treats everything before 5E as "it never happened.")

And this is the only Mulan god I recognize:



My (likely forlorn) hope is an expanded Re-visit of Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth alongside Temple of Tharizdun in a super-adventure.
I also want the Giants to win the Super Bowl and Harlequins to win the rugby Premiership once again. The latter two are more likely to happen!

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