Vin Diesel plays D&D


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Cergorach said:

First thing that shot through my mind was "FR series... Drizzt... OH-MY-GOD!". Think up some black makeup, pointy ears, a black panther companion and two swords, we got a winner ;-)

Actually i think VD can play any action/menacing role, but the above was the first thing i thought about (i'm not a Drizzle wannabe btw). I like the dude, he has a certain pressence that few actors have. He even seems like a normal cheerfull fellow...

For the love of god the last thing i want to see in the FR series is drizzit. Nothing personal Cergorach, but i'm really annoyed with the way that "Drizzit" and "Forgotten Realms" have become synonyms in waaaaay too many people's minds. For the series to be a success, it needs to use the realms as the rich setting it has the potential to be, but with new and origional character-types. Not some 4 person archetypical Mage-Cleric-Fighter-Rogue party, and preferably not with someone like Elminster or Drizzit showing up every 15 min because "they're cool" (IMO) Not that i like drizzit, but even if he were in the series, his character would more than likely be misrepresented and so the series would be alienating it's initial fanbase. Besides, isn't Vin far to muscular to be a goddamn elf ?

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Furn_Darkside said:

Man, I would normally avoid any FR tv show/movie, but if the NAACP disliked it- then I would have to become a number one fan.


brilliant (and black) economist walter williams calls the NAACP "the clan with a tan". that's the only way i refer to them anymore.

Wolfen Priest

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Re: Re: Vin Disel panders to the DND. :)

Mark said:
I know that a lot of the folks I have known who are big into Action movies and sports don't even bother with Sci/Fi action flciks, barring T1 or anything Arnold pumps out. Forget about Bruce Willis if he isn't a cop (12 Monkeys, and the like).

Those people are idiots. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. :p


I guarantee you that in the U.S., if anyone but an African American portrays Drizzt Do'Urden, then the NAACP will be staging a boycott that will make anti-Harry Potter rallys seem like a throat-clearing.

Vin Diesel identifies himself as "multiracial." I may be wrong about the details, but the GQ article says that one of his parents was white and the other black and that his step-father was a black man. When auditioning for Italian roles, he was rejected for looking too black and when trying out for black thug roles, he was rejected because he looked too white.

I don't think anyone will have a problem with him playng Drizzt. Instead, he may have a problem similar to Tiger Woods, where various groups keep trying to "claim" him.

Re: Re: Re: Vin Disel panders to the DND. :)

Wolfen Priest said:
Those people are idiots. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. :p

You're preaching to the chior, Wolfen Priest. ;)

Among their number are the towel snappers and spectacle stompers of the world... :D


Other Famous Gamers

I know Bare Naked Ladies play.

I have also heard that the lead singer of Tool plays as well as Creed has a campaign that they play on the road. At least they have been purchasing gaming merchandise from an online game store.

I am sure that there are other famous people that play, but I wonder if they are afraid to say they play because of the problems it may cause with publicity. Anyone know of any others that play?


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Reynard said:
VIn goes to hollywood to become a famous actor. He gets 1 commercial in 2 years. he leaves Hollywood. Vin goes hoem to new yourk and writes, directs, and stars in his own movie. boom, he's famous. The end.

So, which movie was this?



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Originally posted by Voneth

Besides, why would a real DNDer need to buy $800 worth of stuff he should already have on his book shelf.

Maybe he and his group is finally giving 3e a try after playing 1e since he was 12? Or maybe, if he is gonna be in a D&Dish movie, he wants to be able to conduct an interview like he knows what he's doing - unlike that bitch in "Dungeons and Dragons" - I forget her name.
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That's Latin for "cool"
JRRNeiklot said:
Originally posted by Voneth
Maybe he and his group is finally giving 3e a try after playing 1e since he was 12?

Just what I was thinking. Hey, I took a break from gaming for a few years. If I had a couple million bucks I might have have blown a few hundred as well.

Someone really should have told him about the SRD website. Not to mention the discount on-line stores. We coulda saved him $80.

Of course with reporters saying things like "the guy's hybrid character; a half man, half orc." one assumes he doesn't need to do much reaseach. Besides, Furn_Darkside hit it: the movie-going gamer market could possibly pay for the film's coffee budget on a good day.


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King_Stannis said:

i disagree with this. is he arnold or bruce? no. i don't know who the hell christian bale is, but i think i can safely say that vin diesel is better known than him.

by the way, as much as critics didn't care for FaF, the movie was a huge success for the studio. plenty of moviegoers liked it despite what critics said. i would argue that FaF was his breakout role. i myself didn't see FaF but have seen all of his other movies and the guy is a pretty good actor.

I disagree with a bit of this. I think Diesel is better than Arnold was when he was Diesel's point in his career and that Diesel is on par with Bruce respectively.

Arnold has since branched out and become a much better actor and added some intentional humor to his style.

I don't know who the hell Christian Bale is either by the way. The name sounds familiar, but no clue who he is.

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