[VtR] [OOC] Born into Darkness

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Yeah. I shoulda been more organized but whatever.

I actually haven't looked at it yet. Just want to get a few more things set up before I go back and look at the new posts (if there are any since I stopped reading to try to get focused on the game). Will do that soonish.

Your character is actually awake and in the mansion downstairs. Will put up your intro in a second (or when I finish editing it anyway).


I should be caught up on all threads, email and have a response for every post/player (though Biggs is sorta kinda not really anything.)

Here's how I see things
Beth and Diego are "live".
Biggs is close to being live (he's downstairs in the mansion, working on getting out of the coffin tied up). Those threads (including the last NPC conversation I hope to inflict on people for a good period of time).

Ash is actually shrodenger's cat right now. She could be active at one of several different points depending on what Ashburn feels like.

Jemal's character (name slipping my mind now) is the other "gentleman" in the coffin. Unlike Biggs he's still staked. Once we finish up one or two details on his character we should be good to go and he'll be unstaked.

Cole and Archer are still technically in Prelude-land.
Archer's maybe two posts out? (one? sorta depends).
Cole is so far out that I'm inclined to just let it slide and move what would have been part of his prelude into the "main game". Or we can run the prelude and have him participate at the same time.
They will join the main thread once a "triggering event" happens.

Anyway, characters who are live (hopefully everyone soon) are free to do what they like.
I'll pop in once a day or so to fulfill any STing requirements, work new characters in, and so forth.

Right now though I'm going to sleep.
Have a good New Years all!
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Condition Tracker

OK. Everyone (but Jemal, because I'm behind on adding his stats) is now on the Condition Tracker.
This represents the 'state of your character'. Eventually (to my eternal horror I'm sure) we'll wind up producing one of these a round (in combat).
Please take a moment to check that I've put the data in for your character correctly. Also, if there's something important that we should be tracking that isn't on the sheet please let me know.

Right now everyone has 5 blood (an arbitrarily chosen level) and one-less-willpower-point-than-your-maximum (so you'll derive benefit from acting out vices and virtues).
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General posting format

My preference for posting from PCs is something like this.

Post IC and IC-related-OOC in the IC thread.
So IC actions/etc goes in the main body of the thread and the OOC stuff goes in a spoiler block.

My preference is to have OOC stuff that's tightly linked to specific character actions near to the IC action it's related to. So if you can do that it'll be easier for me, and also for other people, to figure out what you're doing.[/sblock]

Everything else goes in the OOC thread.

sample PC post said:
IC thread
Beth screams "Your reign of terror is over!", pulls out her tommy gun and blasts LB in front of the assembled vampires of the city.

[sblock=OOC Action]
Just like it says.
With Dex + Firearms + Equipment I have 14 dice. I think my specialty (Firearms: Gunning down Elders in Elysium) applies and I'd also like to spend a willpower point for a total of 18dice.

If you want to roll then you can -also- roll and link to your roll like this Blowing LB away.
If you are rolling for yourself please
see the modifying rolls post below.[/sblock]

OOC thread
I'm going to be away for 48 hours. I'll try to post again by Friday!

Note: I'll sometimes take liberties with the format when I post. And people are free to develop their own variations.

Again there are other ways of doing it. This is really just a preference on my part.
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Modifying Rolls

So in our sample character action (the post above) Beth was attacking LB with a Tommy gun. And rolled her own dice.

[sblock=Invisible Castle roll format]
Use the IC Die Roller

--Character Name: [VtR] CharName
My preferences is that you use the name I've been using for you (e.g. Judas Archer is [VtR] Archer). Don't sweat it if something else winds up in there.
--Campaign: Born into Darkness
Can't search by campaign yet, but you will be able to soon. Once we have that it'll be less trouble setting up "codes" for the games like [VtR] in the character names field.

--Number of Rolls: 1
--Dice: xd10.hitsopen(8,10)
Just put in the number of dice that you're rolling in the format above (i.e. in place of the x). There is an explanation ofhitsopen further down the page and also here (uses Shadowrun as an example but same principal for White Wolf's System)http://invisiblecastle.com/mods/forum/thread/3/.

You don't have to roll but you're welcome to (and it can help with character actions... if you miss or hit or whatever then it's easier for you to incorporate that into the actions).

However, obviously just because you roll 18 dice doesn't mean you have 18 dice.
In this case Beth's player believes they have 18 but they could have less (or more).

To continue using the example:
Defense doesn't apply to firearms attacks, unless the person is within "melee range"., if I, as the DM decide that LB is right next to Beth she has less dice.

Likewise if LB has Celerity he can "retroactively" spend a blood point to trigger his Celerity. In this case Beth would also have less dice. Though it doesn't apply in this situation you can do a similar thing in some cases with Willpower (spending a willpower point to increase resistance attributes (e.g. Resolve) to fight off certain powers (e.g. Dominate)).

If LB is facing away from Beth, or there are other situational factors there could be more or less dice. There are lots of other possibilities, I'll stop here though. I think people get the point.

It's also possible that actions could be pending.
Example: Pulling out a gun and firing is -generally- two actions. Pulling out a gun is one action, pointing and firing another. So in game terms Beth's first action "pulling out a gun" has occurred and the second one hasn't. So some actions could occur between when Beth started to attack LB and she actually got the gun out and shot him.
Generally we'll use the same roll, unless the situation has changed radically.

In cases where there are net less dice dice will be removed from the right hand side. In this case I'll decide that LB burns for Celerity **** and Beth 'loses' four dice. So Beth's four most rightward die rolls (9,9,2,8) will be removed giving her 6 successes instead of 9.
If there are net more dice I'll make a new roll for the additional dice ONLY. So you keep your roll with the extra dice I supply.

Simple right?

Same thing for PCs. (Obviously there is some potential for abuse, but I think we'll just cross that bridge when we come to it).
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