[VtR] [OOC] Born into Darkness


you had it from the cell during your prequil. I thought I hinted about using it a couple of times. But eventually I was like his choice have to stop nagging

I thought people hadn't used tos at Celeste's.

Re: Backgrouncs (mentor, etc)
I feel the need to point out that I said it'd take some roleplaying + weeks to get those active. And also suggested people not buy them.
It's been one (admittedly long) night.
In your case you were told to go visit your mentor by LB on weekly basis IIRC. He's not the sort to come see you.
But no you can't have the points back.

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Anyway for some reason I thought you were holding off on using Auspex ** the whole night. I assume you still want the second dot but if you'd like to swap it for something else that would be fine with me.
(Not that that's a very good offer really, but it's the only thing I can think of to offer).

Going offline for the weekend. See you all Monday.


So my thinking is that you instinctively know what the colors you see mean. 'cause you have the highest auspex in the city (I think) so there's really nobody who's going to teach you.

I'm thinking "calm shot through with happy" is like "relieved".


Slow is an understatement. My fault of course.
I've been struggling a bit with another game (keep it/shelve it, etc)

(and fatigue -- baby with sniffles likes to sleep on daddy...).

I was also trying to think about a way to "turn on" people's backgrounds. I haven't really though... I didn't originally plan on it...
And... OnlytheStrong has stopped posting on at least two other games he was part of... So it's likely that he'll join Biggs in the realm of NPC-dom.

I'll launch the next night today.

Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience.


First Post
Don't worry about it, I'm up to my ears in assessment at present. I'm able to get here less and less at the present, so my posting is going to be pretty slow for a while yet.


Graf said:
Obviously, I'm not in a position to object to slow posting.

As we can so we shall go, I suppose.

I am the absolute LAST person to complain about slow posting. I think my players in TLB are about ready to lynch me I've been taking so long. And all I have to blame is laziness and impatience.

Though it seems as if EN World is cooperating with me today. Too bad I updated yesterday, or they might get something new today. ;)

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