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What are you reading in 2023?

Decided to re-read legend of Condor Heroes over Christmas. Am on the third volume of the recent translation (my first time reading was a fan translation). There are four volumes in total. Looks like they also started the first volume of Return of Condor Heroes so plan of reading that as well (I have only read fan translations of that and am curious how a professional translation will read). Looks like it might take time for that trilogy to finish translating all the volumes though.

Highly recommend the entire trilogy for those who haven’t read it. It begins at the end of the Southern Song, is a wuxia story about heroic couples against the backdrop of history. The characters are all stark and entertaining, the setting lore of the martial world is great and the descriptions of the martial arts are captivating (does a great job of not being dull during action sequences and weaving in ideas).

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B/X Known World
It’s about time for a new thread, innit?

I wanted to sort of brag about how many books I’ve read this year. I have ADHD so long-term concentration is a mountain I cannot seem to climb. That I’m a reader at all is testament to how stubborn I am. I read more books in 2023 than any other year since college. And I can honestly say that’s mostly down to my wife giving me an e-ink e-reader for Xmas last year. I managed to read 40 ebooks and half-a-dozen print books between Xmas 2022 and 2023. I know that’s not a lot for some, but it’s a ton for me. Here’s to an even bigger stack of books this year.

Hope to see everyone in the next thread.

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