What are you reading in 2023?

I didn't see a new thread for the new year, so my apologies if I missed it.

I finished reading The Discourses of Epictetus. It's fascinating to read the ideas and advice of centuries past.

Now I'm starting the new year with Hope Mirrlees' Lud-in-the-Mist, something I've been meaning to read for a while now.
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Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
I'm in the middle of multiple series right now:

Alice in Borderland manga series, I'm on vol 2, also have v3 on my shelf
Inspector Lynley mystery series by Elizabeth George, I think I've got vol 4 coming up, maybe vol 5. There are ~24 volumes written to date, hopefully I catch up to new this year
Maisie Dobbs mystery series by Jacqueline Winspear. Vol 3 is next, and I've got v4 on my shelf too

My January is already full of books 📖 !

I updated my annual goal for 2023 to 60 books (was 52 books last year). Now that I am including RPGs and Graphic novels, shouldn't be out of the question


Finish up the Dresden Files (only 1 more book to go!)
Finish the War of the Spider Queen series (never read it before)
Several Conan stories by L. Sprague de Camp
A couple Jack Vance Sci-fi novels I've been meaning to get around to
and Dragonriders of Pern (which I've never gotten around to either)


My copy of The Elusive Shift just arrived today and I am looking forward to delving into it (ha).

I am also currently listening to Fairy Tale by Stephen King, which is pretty good.


I’m splitting my time between a phat stack of Thomas Manns work and an even phatter stack of Golarion material, to keep my current Savage Pathfinder campaign loaded.

This is the year read War and Peace it's been staring at me for a couple years on my shelf.
I'd like to get through Kameron Hurley's Worldbreaker Saga
I discovered Rivers of London in December and am hooked on them as well.

Gaming wise I'm working my way through Night's Black Agents and The Dracule Dossier with an eye to bringing it to the table in GURPS or Savage Worlds, and will continue looking at Symbaroum and Corilolis with the same intentions. At some point I'll catch up with my reading in Numenera (SW Port I think) but that's down the list. Plus I have some KS's coming in this year that will take some attention.


Not your screen monkey (he/him)
My wife and I have started the Dresden Files as bedtime reading. We finished The Expanse with 2022.
I have also started reading Terrorism and the Ethics of War by Stephen Nathanson.

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