What cool things are happening in your campaigns RIGHT NOW!


Just like the title says. Let's talk about the fun (instead of complaining about WotC's possibly non-existent QA practices).

Recently in our 4e campaign...

... we fought a giant kitty-headed mutant hydra while sailing to the Hells on the Astral Sea.

... a PC asked the immortal question, "Is he into nasty old men?". The 'he' was the ambassador from the Hells, a demon with the top half of man and the bottom half of a flayed lion. The 'nasty old man' was the PC.

... which caused the DM to roll for ambassador's sexual orientation on the Kinsey Scale using a d6. Turns out the ambassador was a Kinsey 6!

... my paladin unwittingly drank human blood from the fountain in a demonic Countess's estate, then he fought a duel for a Tiefling ladies possibly non-existent honor and won.

... right now the PC's are standing in the opulent Temple Bank of the G-LD in the City of Brass, trying to con the elder Lenders into believing the fake goddess we made out some dead god's bones and the soul of a would-be suicide is the real thing. See, we have this plan...

So what are your characters doing?

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... the PCs are trying to assemble a group of Paragons to save the world from defilers, while cognizant of the fact that the people they are trying to recruit may be even worse.

... its snowing in late summer.

... The party fights under the sign of an inn they used to own, now mounted on as a battle standard. It is painted with a drunken badger, rampart.

... One of the PCs mom's is trying to help, although she is an original defiler, and trapped in the space between here and there.

.... the PCs about to find out how hard it is to row a flying longboat built for 14.


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Right now, they're mass-producing a cure for a magical plague that is turning drow into vile abominations (drow aren't evil in my campaign, though they ain't good, either).

One character (half drow, half eladrin) is trying to become king of the feywild, and has made a deal with the drow queen for representation.

Our minotaur is planting a garden with magical seeds he's received from a hierophant druid. And he did all the planting wearing a straw hat and pink gloves.

Our wizard has just murdered one of the watch sergeants to protect the identity of his apprentice. He was trying to train the apprentice how to murder - and then just did it all himself.

Our drow rogue went on a ninja-style raid with the drow princess to capture an ethereal filcher while evading eladrin patrols. And was then invited to be adopted by the drow queen and is considering the offer.


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We have flown the smoke horses across the endless desert at the behest of the captive Djinn. Having already found 4 of the 5 huge crystalline menhirs that will free the Djinn, we went in search of the final key.

Descending into the depths of the Black Ziggaurat brought forth the ire of hundreds of undead, dozens of hideous animal-faced priests and numerous vile priests of Set. Although they arrayed themselves against us, we have defeated all they have thrown against us. Yea, we have even been cured of the deformities brought down upon us by the Curse of Yigg. No longer are we covered in itching scales, craving blood, or wracked with deadly bowel pains.

Last week we narrowly defeated the final two guardians of the Sky Ship of the Afterlife. Indeed, when the last guardian fell, 5/7 of the heroes were unconscious. Now we will pilot it to the Otherrealm and face the final challenge: the avatar of Set himself.

I beg thee, pray to your gods on our behalf. For as surely as I write this, we will need every lucky bounce of the dice.


We're playing a Ptolus campaign, and the PCs are just 7th level.

They've recently been run out of the Noble's quarter for nearly killing an art dealer for selling them a statue with a scrying spell on it.

They're trying to get a permit to start a menagerie in their basement; nobody is willing to let the lion-man be the one to apply, however.

The dwarf techno-delver has just finished building a "runway" in the attic of his house so he can launch and land his glider from the roof. I keep telling him runways are anachronistic, but he won't listen...

They're on a quest for a way to build a five year old a new, improved artificial body so he can grow up to be a nice person, instead of the tortured soul his father the necromancer was twisting him into.

They're trying to buy up every building on their block. Little do they know that their worst enemy has figured that out and is buying up what they have not yet got the funds for.

In my campaign my PC's are:

- Defending a town from another nearby town that is currently laying seige in conjunction with half-orc mercenaries.

- Just discovering that the half-orcs are scheming with a demonic army that has now turned up to assist them in the seige

- Coming to terms with the fact that one of them is now the ruler of a demi-plane of Hell

- Trying to stop an evil organisation from opening a portal to a different plane of Hell

- Thinking of ways that they can explain why they killed one of the sons of noble in which their base of operations is

- Trying to figure out if their patron is to be trusted or if he is pulling the wool over their eyes

Olaf the Stout


Group #1 is trapped in a noble's basement, avoiding his hideous golems as they try to find out what happened to their treacherous colleague.

Group #2 is being attacked by pyromaniacal wererat assassins with a political vendetta, a short distraction while they maneuver to gain major political advantage over an entire empire.


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Well, Wednesday night group just went on a quest to defeat the evil Fontaine who was rumored to be forming a cult and brainwashing students at the school we stumbled upon.
We were all ready for a showdown, then discovered that it was in fact a magic vending machine that a student had jammed his rod of command into when trying to get some Ye Olde Funyons out. Our barbarian failed his will save, so he was trying to attack the rest of the party when we tried to get the rod. Pretty fun times!


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In our campaign, the party's having a really bad November.

Our base of operations is a city located on a moderately-sized island directly south of the major continent. The entire island has now been cut off from any external interaction and surrounded by a barrier of pure energy. Teleportation magic no longer works, and a lot of divination magic doesn't either, depending on which deity you worship.

The reason divinations don't work is because some of the deities are now stuck on the island with the rest of us, cut off from their upper realms, but not exactly powerless or mortal. Just stuck.

Successful attempts to teleport leave unexpected things in their wake, as beings are pulled from other places by force. Several greater demons are now plaguing the island, having been brought here inadvertantly by deities popping in and out as they please.

A cleric of Dionysus -- a deity all but unknown to our world -- is now traveling with our party, having found herself displaced from her reality and trapped here, with no clear way of getting her home.

And finally, our party has discovered exactly why things are going crazy -- and it involves some VERY POWERFUL elder evils that we're not entirely sure we're capable of defeating ... but no one else is really mounting any huge efforts to do so.

Did I mention people on the island are slowly going crazy, entering into fits of uncontrolled rage or committing paranoia-driven acts of violence? Including members of our party?

We've currently en route to the elder evils behind this ... but most of the party's spellcasters are nearly out of spells, and there's not exactly a place to rest as a huge battle between thousands of sentient beings surrounds us ...


We have a high level evil party(between 26 and 31) who are helping an evil emperor find a pile of evil books to take over the world and just recently started a good campaign in the same world of characters who may rise up to challenge the evil party.

Elsewhere in the same world I've got a couple of retired PCs from the evil party actively working in the undergound(not literally) to overthrow the evil emperor.


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We're playing Classic Deadlands...

Having done some legwork, the party tracked down and got into a shoot-out with a group of circus freak bank robbers.

Defeating the bank robbers, they donned the robbers' burlap-sack masks, and bluffed their way onto the bad-guy's getaway airship ("Hey, they've got a blimp!").

On the airship, they faced down the robber's acid-gun wielding mad scientist leader....

...who, realizing he was outnumbered, jumped out of the airship (60' to the ground) got back up again and started running.

Wackiness ensued, as the party (with exactly zero experience in piloting airships) had a difficult time chasing down one man, on foot, in the open and empty plains of Kansas. Many bullets were fired, and the mad scientist finally dropped.

The party recovered the body, to collect the reward. The party doctor looks him over, and realizes 1) this guy could jump 60' down and still run away, and 2) there was no blood from his recent bullet wounds. Very worried, they decide to put a shotgun to his (apparently dead) head...

...at which point they discover that he's an UNDEAD acid-gun wielding mad scientist (who was playing dead). The bad guy, handcuffed, manages to roll over to where they'd tossed his acid gun, and trigger it, spraying acid all over the inner hull of the airship gondola (they are some 100' in the air at this point).

More wackiness ensued as they had a gunfight in a disintegrating airship. Did I mention that the airship was filled with hydrogen, and might not react well to bullets?
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The world will end in less than ninety days.

EDIT: Just to be clear, this is not a "save the world" plot, or a "and then there was a sudden reprieve" plot. The characters have less than 90 days to figure a way to escape the world (plane-jumping, world-hopping, whatever), or they will die.
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Did I mention that the airship was filled with helium, and might not react well to bullets?

Do you mean Hydrogen? I think Helium and bullets get along swell. ;)

The only game I'm actively running right now is the Savage Worlds Fantasy game for my wife and (9 year old) daughter. I've been converting old 3e materials to use for it and they just entered the Forge of Fury.

They managed to find their way in via the underwater entrance through the swamp, which completely took me off guard and was awesome. Thus far they've encountered and defeated many of the rat-men (whom I've substituted for the Duergar), encountered the undead smith Durgeddin and successfully avoided combat through diplomacy (!) and now they've discovered the door into the Glitterhame.

Actually I've stolen some stuff from The Sunken Citadel in this too! Somewhere in the caverns within the mountain is the Gulthias Tree, which is being nurtured by a Drow Druidess at the urgings of the leader of the rat-men, Skitter. By deciphering* a couple of notes from Skitter left in a secret drop box, the PC's have discovered that Skitter is duping the Druidess and the Gulthias Tree will soon be beyond her ability to control.

*One cool thing I've incorporated into this game is using a couple of fantasy fonts and printing out notes in these "foreign languages". My wife really likes this kind of stuff and with a smaller group it's ok for her to take 5 minutes at the table to decipher them.


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Do you mean Hydrogen? I think Helium and bullets get along swell. ;)

Yes. This is what I get for writing posts while context-switching reading news items about theories of stellar development. :erm:
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Both of our groups are playing D&D4e, and I'm the DM.

Group 1 is investigating the Grand Cathedral under Gloamnull, City of Rain, in order to understand what's happening to the city and its visitors, and trying to get help from them for a war between an endless horde of elemental mercenaries and the army of their native empire in the material plane.

Group 2 has recently discovered a rakhasha's cult in a colossal volcanic complex, which defiled a Deva's sacred place and used the recently reborn Devas as sacrifices for the summoning of a dark creature. They attacked the cultists during the summoning, though, and it failed, freeing an Elder Volcanic Dragon that was imprisoned after the Dawn War under the volcano. The Dragon escaped, and he's now ravaging the land, while the party is chasing him for afar, waiting for the arrival of a cosair airship they are thinking to use to even the odds against the beast.


Wow. After reading through this thread so far, I've determined I run a far less fantastical game than most people. Not a commentary on anyone else's game - just my own. Self-realization and all. Anywho...

(Also, speaking of conversions of the Forge of Fury...)

-- the party is currently seeking a magical tome from the temple of my world's "creator" god, at the behest of a wizard who "uncovered" some knowledge about the book while excavating ruins on a recently explored "new" continent.

-- one of the PCs *may* have finally found his family after being orphaned into the priesthood of this creator god. He'll know for sure once he acquires proof of his being orphaned and discovered in the frozen wastes of the northlands.

--the PCs just entered the Forge of Fury's Khundrukar via the Mountain Door on the way to the creator god's temple, nearly lost 2 PCs on the rope bridge (technically should have, except for some fancy rope work on the part of the Invoker and Sorcerer), barely survived their forced entrance, and were nearly killed twice after being temporarily sucked into Souragne in a brief Halloween holiday jaunt to Ravenloft (Night of the Walking Dead).

--after being deposited back in "the real world" they woke up to find themselves bound and tied by the henchmen of a minor noble they'd run afoul of a few weeks earlier. They were trailed for weeks, and after falling asleep and being transported by the Mists, the two henchmen were finally able to catch up to them.


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Our party started off normal-ish at the start of our campaign; now we have:
1: A time mage wielding the embodiment of the concept of dividing as a weapon (in convenient sword form)...
2: A drow lich shardmind (made of solidified dreams) mind-mage (who has recently duplicated his mind into a robot body as a backup)...
3: A cleric (her god/husband died)/shaman/Necromancer who is/contains a fragment of a shattered death god. (The last capital-N Necromancer is what caused the Empire's calendar to reset)...
4: My character, a dragonborn who has been appointed by the sun god as his successor, and is pretty clearly manifesting it.
5: No longer traveling with us, a tiefling bard who threw a rock concert so awesome that it resurrected his dead boyfriend, completely restructured the social order of the city, and created a new god.

With my party's invaluable assistance (which entailed developing a way to turn matter into energy, devising a new application of interplanar teleportation using lightning gates, and addressing a surprise guest reappearance of a hostile hole in reality), my character just created a new race of elementals as a self-administering cure to combat a major outbreak of the big bad Lovecraftian virus that is threatening our campaign world. To do so he had to sacrifice the fallen star that was the remains of his slain familiar (who turned out to be a god), and inadvertently killed himself due to channeling all his lifeforce into the spell. Oops. (Fortunately, with the timely intervention of a party member, he got better.) And thus we saved the lives of 100,000 innocent orcs who we otherwise would have had to annihilate with a necromantic nuke in order to forestall the infectious potential of 100,000 rampaging, shapeshifting orcs.

Now we're level 13, and things are about to get much more exciting.


The crown of horns is one of five relics being actively sought by some big evil organization for the raising of a new god or perhaps bringing an old one back from the dead. It's unclear, but all the relics have ties to dead gods.

The party is currently taking a detour from seeking the crown of horns, said to be held in a yuan-ti fortress in the Underdark. We had to cut a deal with an old mind flayer in a subterranean metropolis to get the location in the first place, which involved taking out a beholder-lich crime lord and the majority of his gang.

En route to the fortress, we entered a massive underground bone forest. Things took a turn when the elven circle dancer's magical map started showing us relevant (read: treasure-worthy) locations in the forest. We're bound for the lair of a dracolich whose hoard we intend to loot. You know, for the greater good. Dracoliches are bad, right?


What's going on goes back to the choices the players made in the first game:
-Decided to go after gnolls at level 1.
-Got killed/captured by gnolls.
-New PCs headed out to rescue the captured PCs.
-New PCs got captured by bandits.
-New PCs built strength to retrieve their captured PCs from the bandits.
-Made a deal with doppelgangers for aid against the gnolls.
-Made a deal with a necromancer for aid against the bandits.
-Made a deal with the bandits to take out the necromancer.
-Killed the necromancer, taking over the town alongside the bandits, then ran from the necromancer's creations.
-Took out the gnolls with the aid of the doppelgangers, losing 4 of the shape-changers in the process.
-Found an artefact that stirred up a blood cult.
-Learned that the necromancer's creations have re-taken the town.
-Killed the necromancer's creations.
-Drank a potion that reduced a PC Fighter's Strength to 3.
-Murdered one of the bandit leaders for his Gauntlets of Ogre Power, then fled town with a bounty on her head.
-Learned that they are being spied on and hunted by the blood cult.
-Spotted the necromancer's powerful slave-trading robber baron brother flying around on a griffon.
-Learned that they have only a few days to repay the doppelgangers for their aid - or else they'll pay for it in blood.
-Learned that a town has been overrun by blood cultists.
-Struggling to make it to the doppelganger lair, where they'll have to take out a cult of Zehir.

I don't think the story is all that great, but the gameplay is very satisfying: I present the setting, the PCs make choices, and I play up the consequences.


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In my current campaign, we're a low-level (lvl 3) duo consisting of a shifter barbarian (me) and a tiefling bard.

While resting to recover from a fight involving a mound of goblins, the bard failed his perception check while on watch (this is a recurring theme in our campaign...we haven't spent a night where one of us hasn't failed a perception check and fallen asleep while on guard) and we were attacked by a pair of dire boars. So, we get up and face them across from our campfire, which was built on top of a high bluff.

I should mention that direboars are written in my character's fluff as "things he really @!#$* hates."

So, instead of doing anything smart, I throw down my greataxe and grapple the boar's tusks, and we get involved in an epic, multi-round struggle where I attempt to pin him down in our campfire and make pork roast. Meanwhile, the bard is soundly thrashed by the second boar, and in an attempt to get rid of him, tries the whole "get him to charge while standing on the edge of the cliff, and then quickly dodge out of the way" trick. Didn't work, and they both tumbled off the cliff.

I finally manage to get the boar into the fire, he finally shrugs me off, and attacks and knocks me prone at the edge of the cliff. Once again, defying ALL martial training, I grab his little piggy feet and manage to roll over and hurl him off the cliff, and go searching for my bardic friend.

While searching for him, I come upon the corpse of the boar I killed, with a madly pulsing belly. Cut it open, and yep, there's a baby direboar. Through a few rolls of a d4 (one for kill/let live and one for leave/take) I end up with a pet piglet.

Now Im a barbarian with a pet baby direboar that does nothing but squeal and consume massive amounts of food.

Level Up!

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