What do we call One D&D?

Which Acronym?


Quantum Chronomancer
With the first playtest document out for the next iteration of D&D, the most important question arises...

What do we call it?!?

There's also these important changes:
  • Capitalizing all rule names
  • Defining a d20 Test
  • Calling out "Repeatable" in every Feat
  • No half-races
  • No background "Features"
  • Only 3 spell lists
  • 3 starting languages
  • Critical auto-success/failure on skill checks
  • Improvised now = furniture
  • Tool + Skill Proficiency grants Advantage
To name a few...

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This is going to be just like when they tried to get us to call 5e D&D Next/ Just Plain D&D.

Fetch isn't going to happen, WotC.
I mean, outside of the Forum world, WotC mostly succeeded on having people just call 5E "D&D" plain and simple. If they keep the trade dress and logo, and keep on just calling it D&D...the can probably keep that up. Same as Monopoly or Settlers of Catan, despite Edition shifts for those games.

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