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Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
That's interesting. What do you think the dividing line is between stealth rules and perception rules is?
I'd say the Stealth rules as presented are more of a player active choice while my version is more of a passive thing in regard to the environment. Like, you dont have to take an action and make a roll to take cover or get in dim light. The mechanical part is on the one Searching rather than a (sometime unclear) mix of rolls from the one hiding and the one searching. The players describes is character crouching behind the desk, it's 1/2 cover, the enemy as to make a roll of 10 to spot him.

But yeah, the difference might be only in my head.

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i don't want rules and systems for magic, let them casters roll DC20+ skill checks any time they want to cast anything and see how they like it ;)

it'd still probably be way biased in magic's favour though
As long as you take away saving throws sure I'll play that way. B-)


Prince of Dorkness
At the risk of angering the entire Enworld community, I'd love to see Multiclassing go the way of the Dodo.

Or, if Multiclassing MUST be endured, I'd like the following rules:

1) You can only have 2 classes. No Fighter 3/Rogue 3/Sorcerer 1/Druid 2.
2) At least one of the classes needs to be Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, or Wizard.
3) When you Multiclass, you must continue taking levels in the 2nd class until your 2 class levels are equal. After that, neither class can be more than 1 level off from the other class (optional)


I agree with no rules for social interactions outside of what we have for skill checks. I'd add in no rules for reputation or standing with specific groups, I don't want to gamify that aspect.

I don't ever use the random tables, I'd rather have some details on the ranges of expected wealth and magic items by level. Not just 1 value per level though, give advice on adjusting for specific campaigns. Doesn't hurt to have them I just ignore them.

Restrictions by alignment, it's a general descriptor not a straightjacket. Alignment should only be useful to the person playing the character, whether PC, NPC or monster.


Hot take: I'd go without Stealth rules.

Just go with something like:
  • Half-cover/Lightly Obscured = DC 10 perception
  • 3/4 cover = DC 15 perception
  • Full cover/Heavy Obscured/Invisible = Impossible

Rolls to spot Rogues are made with Disadvantage, rolls to spot heavy-armored PC are made with Advantage.
The problem I have with set DCs is because it doesn't take into consideration the perceptive abilities of the opposition. It should be easy to sneak past someone that's drunk and nigh on impossible to sneak past Smaug.

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