What film(s) have you seen the most times?

Almost certainly Matrix. Followed by First Contact. Those were the films at the end of my teenage years that hit all the right spots for me. And I still had the time.
Matrix is one of the few movies that I saw multiple times. Once regularly, once in a double feature with the sequel, and another time as part of a triple feature with the sequel and the sequel to the sequel.
I owned it on VHS and later also on DVD. I think I don't have the Bluray, though (presuming it exists).
It was just combining brilliant action with great (pop) philosophical stuff, and it was just cooler than anything I'd ever seen until then (and maybe still since then, because everything that might exceed it will still remind me of Matrix, and thus will always have a unique spot.)

First Contact was probably the first movie I bought. (I failed on my first attempt, because I didn't realize the video shop just had rentals. How young I was! How long ago it was!)
It had really cool, intense action, it had the Borg, it had Picard drawing the line and breaking his little ships, it had Data being seduced by the Borg Queen.

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I would have to break this into a couple categories. Movies I have intentionally watched, and movies that have been on in my presence.

Intentionally, something from Star Wars is probably at the top.

For movies that are simply "on", it would probably be some classic Christmas movie. The number of times that I can think of It's a Wonderful Life or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer playing in the background while decorating or wrapping presents is innumerable.

Also, back when I had cable I think the syndication effect would skew the numbers a lot. Shawshank Redemption used to play on cable almost constantly. And if you're up late at night gaming on the computer, there's no harm in putting the TV on in the background. Oh, what's this, Shawshank is on? Sure, that'll do as good as anything. For some reason I seem to remember seeing parts of Executive Decision a lot, too; I think it was in syndication over the summer I lost to Everquest.

Of course, it really gets wacky when you have kids.


A suffusion of yellow
Grease - first movie I saw at a picture theatre, love it and still watch it
The Little Mermaid - saw it 5 times on the day it was released, happy to watch it now
The Sound of Music - my nephew loved this as a toddler, so it was his babysitter :p
Conan the Barbarian - my intro to Fantasy (along with Legend which I havent rewatched, and Kull)
Shoguns Assasin - I read the translated graphic novels too
Gremlins - favourite christmas movie
Raiders of the Lost Ark - best pulp action movie


Easily, A Christmas Story, which my wife watches at least once a year and I will sit through it with her around Thanksgiving time (although once a year is enough for me; she'll usually watch it multiple times around Christmas, when it's on like every day). We've been married for 38 years, so that's at least...let me see...38 times I've seen that movie.

Next up is probably Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster, which was on a lot when I was a kid. I've probably seen that movie around 30 times, if only because of the frequency of its availability when I was growing up.

And next has to be Yellow Submarine, which I've easily seen at least a dozen times or more.



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I will not list those movies i have seen less than 20 times (it would be a very long list with more or less the titles i have already seen here above)... This is the list of movies i have seen between 50 and 100 times, yes that is correct, I know almost all by heart... The order is by number of times:
1. Gladiator
2. Amadeus
3. Trading places

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