What film(s) have you seen the most times?


Deluxe Unhuman
It's probably Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

I saw it a few times in it's first release. Then when I was at my advanced schooling in the Army it played at the second-run theater on the base for weeks and weeks. It was an easy walk from my barracks, and I went to see it every chance I had. I've seen it many times since, too.

The original Star Wars is probably neck-and-neck. I saw that 7 times in its first run, and who knows how many times since.

Next most often would be hard to say. Probably The Wizard of Oz, since it was on tv annually when I was growing up.

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I generally likewise use a twist and just slide it across the rim before depositing it in the glass, but I've gotten a few sazeracs and sazerac variants with more than that. I've also gotten some (and when I didn't have any lemons, made them myself) without any at all - using more or none at all is definitely noticeable. A great sazerac has a perfectly balanced whisper of absinthe and citrus in it.

I'm not a huge fan of orange twists and slices, either. I think lemon and lime garnishes generally hit brighter notes that make your drink pop more.

How much lemon? I only ever use a twist; not actual lemon juice.

I actually use a lemon twist with my regular Old Fashioneds as well; found I like it better than orange.

I probably watch Die Hard and Home Alone every Christmas.

If I were to look up a list of the actual movies I've seen the most, I might be surprised to see which one came out on top.

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