Spelljammer What is Spelljammer, video interview with Chris Perkins


I crit!
Details about what they meant with the new format and art shown and what thier version will be like.

Lots of art, some (all) we’ve seen before. D9084D90-F3C9-4BA6-81E3-44C00372A018.jpeg9A643541-9275-447D-959F-F531AE15D0C1.jpeg94C23E96-853E-4866-B53F-EB7884275C2E.jpegCF2FF8AC-37DD-4228-8D47-E013853A4160.jpegDAA61B90-DB42-464D-B178-1F68AF5B0129.jpeg12494181-BA8F-44F9-9CEF-5753E3490CC5.jpegF1374B66-9DF5-499E-BA66-E1F4CB98A286.jpeg329DC2AD-1FDF-4E3D-A4A1-92515A5C69A3.jpeg6F26F39F-2E04-4A21-9750-1E332A3BA99A.jpegD14652E0-3DEE-4295-BD4D-04C6DC036904.jpegABB200AB-1BE9-4C0E-B7C3-D46E77BEA2FC.jpegCCCE3DF8-CC39-420A-B130-458226842D1E.jpegAF672C02-BEAB-43B1-920D-1C8283F599D4.jpeg973F0F97-42A9-40F7-9099-0EFE421C8C7F.jpegBC5F0A67-2815-402D-84B3-98A8F362F8C6.jpeg10B2A591-7EF5-4F91-898A-CB84FFE7E02F.jpegF6219420-9936-4C41-B538-32F4228321E6.jpeg97B4F93D-6A67-4E1D-8DC6-292749C5F754.jpeg

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From the art, I'm glad to see they are getting away from the "only newbs use galleons". Love the kinori (space whales) on the screen, and the alt covers look great. And astereaters, baby!

It's nice that they're breaking out the books - player content, adventure, monsters. Wonder if they picked that up from Beedle & Grim's?

Still not sold on the new nautaloid though, I prefer the sleeker, older version.

Some of the pictures of the flying whales in the spaces are the new classic of the fantasy art. The artist should be proud.

I think Hasbro really wants a great future for the line, because it is different, exotic, but not too strange, and because it is the best "space" for some possible intercompany crossover.



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I do love this, but I also miss the more long-form deep dives from Dragon Talk.

I know it still exists, but it no longer exists on video :(


B/X Known World
Anyone else glad and a bit worried about Perkins’ mention of more art? More art, yay! But more art than your standard 5E books…in three 64-page books? They’re barely going to be able to scratch the surface of the setting if they had no art. But they have more art. I’m all for minimalist design, but come on.

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