D&D General What is the Quintissential D&D Mascot Monster?

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I had a goblin mascot in my first campaign of DnD (BECMI). The DM made me roll for my MU spell, I got Floating Disc. I saved all our lives and picked up a mascot goblin by giving them rides on it :)

It was actually a really useful spell, being able to carry 500lbs!


Morkus from Orkus
I'm going to buck the trend(at least on the first page) and say dragons. Two things are quintessential D&D. Dungeons, and dragons. They may not be uniquely D&D, and if we're going uniquely then the beholder takes that one, but they are quintessential D&D.

Looks, the beholder is certainly D&D. But there can be no doubt as only one creature is in the name. Dragon. And of course if you care about classifications, Red Dragon is the answer.

Threads done now. No more discussion because I'm just right ;)

When I think D&D, I think of:

Iron Golem, a feathered whip made of cockatrice feathers in one hand and a vorpal sword in the other.

Not sure if that's exactly what the OP is looking for. But, to me, feels like a killer mascot.

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