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5E What is your current way to roll stats

Khelon Testudo

Cleric of Stronmaus
Our group couldn't settle on a method: point-buy was limiting, but dice rolling meant that someone might get the short end of the stick. So we got the DM to roll 4d6 drop low, 6 times. We could then arrange the numbers in whichever order suited the class we wanted to play. He rolled pretty well - we got a 17 and a 15.

So the rogue has 17 dex, the paladin 17 cha, etc. We're all happy.

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He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
I’ve usually let player’s choose wether they want to roll the ”4d6 drop lowest” or use the ”elite array”. Most tend to roll, but there have been an occasional character built with the array.


4d6 drop lowest IN ORDER.
Then you are allowed 1 re-roll (you have to take the result, even if worse) and 1 switch between two stats.


it depends
in 5E, I roll for stats since the results are not nearly as important due to bounded accuracy
in more number crunchy editions (3.5/PF) I prefer point buy, as it allows me way more control and mediocre dice rolls can really screw with you

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