What Licensed RPG Do You Wish Used A Different System?

Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
That requirement is because there is a metacurrency flow built into the system, not because it is "narrative." If the GM spends everything on combat only, the game is unbalanced. And many, many trad games allow players to spend "hero points" to have an item they need or a convenient environment element or an unusual or circumstantial use of an ability.
Yes, many traditional games have a narrative element in the form of metacurrency. We're still talking about a spectrum here.

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Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
That is a peculiar definition of "trad" and "narrativist."

Gognards gonna grognard, I guess (Note, I was born well before 1990).

I don't know Cortex, but Fate is not wholly a narrative game. it layers its narrative elements on top of a pretty traditional core mechanic. Again, metacurrency in and of itself isn't "narrativist" but YMMV.
Fate uses Aspects as a core mechanic. Aspects are extraordinarily narrative.


#1 Enworld Jerk™
Whichever one you want.

I've spent alot of time with 1E and I don't remember the nautical/ship based stuff to be hugly important mechanically. Which always surprised me giventhe prevalence of ship/pirate stuff in the game art and lore.

What draws you toward it for Spelljammer?

aramis erak

Whichever one you want.
1st is not quite Trad. It's essentially L5R 1.5 rules-wise, but adding a spendable metacurrency. The character gen lets players make some pretty sweeping statements in Character Gen. Later supplements gregged the hell out of many campaigns.

2nd is "Roll for number of successes, then spend them on actions through the scene." Scene ends when everyone's out of actions...


Have they even been producing new material for the RPG?
They are, but it’s so slow, I fear it either won’t keep up with demand or enough product won’t get out to interested possible customers to be sustainable. I’m selling some music gear to fund some new RPG books (long story), and yet even if I had the cash it’s highly improbable I wouldn’t find the books I want at a reasonable price.

Case in point, the Edge of the Empire on eBay has an average asking price of $110 a few days ago. NM used I can find one for $85. And, Amazon price is about $200. Yet most of the splat books are reasonable with a few exceptions. It’s like being able to buy an ac system, radio, windows, tires and such but the transmission is 200% higher than average.


Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. 4th is bleghk. Id take 3e or even 2e again over this awful 4e system.
I also wish that THE ONE RING rpg had a more robust combat system and less obsession with downtime equivalent of tax accounting and boring travel rules.
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My choice for RPG using a different system dates me- I thought Cadillacs & Dinosaurs really didn't fit under that Twilight 2000 ruleset. But now! If Free League could publish a new book for their T2K 4e rules, that would be amazing!

Years ago I figured Cadillacs & Dinosaurs should have / could have been a fine Ubiquity System game. Now it feels like it should be a Savage Worlds book.

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